By: Sam J. Rizzo

The battle between the Amazons and the Atlantians has arrived. The Flash (Barry Allen) is running out of time before he completely forgets everything from the original timeline. Now is the time to attack in the hopes of saving this world and setting hopefully restoring the timeline.  

The issue begins with President Barrack Obama giving a statement to the nation that now is the time to act and we can’t wait for the super-humans to save us. We need to do something. The small group of children are huddled together in their living room watching the President give his speech. Mary, Billy, Eugene, Freddie and the rest of the group are debating as to whether or not to join the fight by saying the magic word which turns them into Captain Thunder. In Coast City, we are introduced to Hal Jordan, who is about in get into his F-35. He is getting ready to drop a bomb on the enemies’ territory thanks to Queen Industries. Meanwhile, in Metropolis, the Flash, Batman, and Cyborg are introduced to Emily Sung; her code name is Element Woman who comes to their aid in a battle with the U.S. Forces, after the group rescued Superman out of the government secured facility.  After inviting Element Woman to join the team, Flash has another bout of mnemonic changes due to him being in this new time line. He is forgetting more and more about the original time line and events in his life. Batman injects Flash with some phenytoin sodium which will help slow down brain activity so they can find him some help.

Batman, Cyborg, and Element Woman bring Flash to Billy, Mary, and Eugene in the midst of them still debating on joining the fight. The reason Batman brings the Flash to them is because he said that he heard they helped the Sandman recover his memories, thanks to their magical lightning powers. Batman tells them he is suffering from mental deterioration. Billy starts to use his powers on the Flash and he sees the original timeline in Flash’s mind. As Barry comes to, the television announcer states that the U.S. fighters that were on their way to strike against the Amazons were met by a number of invisible jets. The first verified casualty is pilot Hal “Highball” Jordan. As the group is standing there, Cyborg states that a gigantic tidal wave is about to strike the United Kingdom. The time to act is now Barry states and speeds into the kitchen to have a chat with Batman.

The scene between Batman and Flash I thought was perfect. Barry Allen demanding to Thomas Wayne that they should act, or this will be the world they will have to live in if they don’t at least do something. I thought the line that Barry says to Thomas really hit an emotional nerve with Dr. Wayne in saying that in the original timeline, “Bruce would have joined the fight.” That really spurred Thomas Wayne into finally joining the fight with Victor/Cyborg and the rest of the resistance.

The final pages of the issue see Flash, Batman, Element Woman, and Captain Thunder aka the kids, battling the armies of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. There are a few panels that show Aquaman and Wonder Woman battling one on one with each other. Aquaman stating that the cause of this war between the two was due to Wonder Woman assassinating Arthur’s wife. We also discover, that the reason for this assassination could have been out of jealousy that Wonder Woman had against Aquaman’s wife because they had a preexisting relationship.

The battle comes to an emotional end with Captain Thunder losing his power leaving the kids exposed to the battle. Billy is out in the open and Wonder Woman sees that these are kids,  murdering Billy in cold blood. The Flash tries to desperately save Billy but it is too late, he is a pile of ash. The final panel is the carnage and devastation of the battle with Barry Allen looking up to see Reverse Flash say “Look what you Did!”

Overall, this was the most intense issues thus far in the Flashpoint miniseries. There were a number of casualties in Billy and Hal Jordan. These deaths were very emotional moments in this issue. I really enjoyed that Barry Allen is continuing to be driven at trying to fix the timeline. The scene between him and Thomas Wayne’s Batman telling him now is the time to act and stop sitting on the sidelines when the world is going to hell was great. The last few pages with the battle had a very epic feel to them and then finally seeing Thawyne as Reserve Flash for the first time in the miniseries in the post battle devastation.

I’m really anxious to see how Flashpoint comes to a conclusion and what is in store for the relaunch in the new 52’s starting in September. This issue had everything going for it, action, great writing from Geoff Johns, and fantastic artwork from Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope. It is going to be interesting to see how this mini-series comes to a close, as its been so good and to see what is going to happen next.

Overall Grade: 9/10