By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

 Reverse Flash has just killed one of the Marvel kids. We see him explain to the Flash that the cause of all the destruction and the current timeline was actually the Flash himself.  By preventing the death of his mother, he threw the timeline in a loop and messed everything up.  Eobard Thawne explains that he can never kill Flash because if he did then he would no longer be able to draw on the speed force that he creates to power himself.  He also explains that the Flash cannot ever kill him.  It’s here when Thomas Wayne (Batman) skewers him like a stuck pig.  As Thomas Wayne lies dying from wounds due to the battle between Themyscira and Atlantis, he passes the Flash a note.  The Flash then uses his own powers to travel to the point in time where he was using the cosmic treadmill to stop his mother from getting killed.  It’s at this time that three separate timelines are merging into a single timeline.  Barry then wakes up back at the police station.  He immediately runs to Batman, passing him the note from Thomas.  The Flash is still recalling memories of time spent with his mother and wonders if it’s merely a residual effect of the time traveling.  Batman tells him maybe it’s a gift.  The book ends and a new universe has been created.

 I really liked this issue but I had a few problems with it in the context of the overall story, which is what I will start with.  Negativity, yay!  I’m not a basement dweller, I swear.  The story ended on a great note and was a great jumping on point for the new DCU.  But it all felt so rushed.  I think they could have done a better job tying this story into one of the previous crossover events, or even stretching it out a little bit more.  They were trying to fit what is a great tale into 5 issues.  This made me sad because it felt more like the purpose of Flashpoint was to be a vehicle for introducing the new DCU and less of a huge event similar to Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Now, one could argue that this was never meant to be a large event especially considering this isn’t a true reboot.  However, I disagree.  They put so much dialogue on the pages of this issue and previous issues that I couldn’t fully appreciate the artwork.  Let the artwork tell the story a little bit more.  This just added to my opinion about why I felt it was condensed.  There was too much happening in a short amount of time.  Now even though this sounds pretty negative, I still really enjoyed this issue and story.  It was great that Reverse Flash was speared by Batman.  I tire of villains being taken to jail sometimes.  Ever since that crap that is known as The Comics Code Authority came along saying violence is bad, we can’t get heroes killing the bad guys.  Has anyone stopped to think about that?  Everyone now thinks the heroes are better for not killing the villains.  They somehow stoop to the villain’s level when they do this.  I disagree.  They are stopping them from killing more masses of people.  That’s off topic, sorry.  Kudos, Thomas Wayne for sticking it (get it?) to Reverse Flash.

 The weakest part of the story was the big war.  It didn’t feel big to me at all.  It was more like a quaint backdrop to the real battle between Flash and Reverse Flash.  They could have expanded that a bit more.  I liked how it ended, though.  These three timelines (which have conveniently never been mentioned before in the DCU) are now merged.  The artwork on that 2 page spread was amazing!  Also a big hint at what will likely be a major character in the new DCU, some hooded magenta woman telling Barry about the merging timelines. I can’t say enough about the artwork.  It conveyed the story well and did not overshadow it at all.  I thought Reverse Flash’s head piece looked a little bit like the side of the Enterprise from the original Star Trek series.

 Overall I was pleased with the issue and the story, but disappointed about how condensed and rushed it felt.  It’s kind of cool though how they timed it with the release of Justice League #1, which was awful even though I’ve never read it.  And if DC keeps changing things I’m going to complain about it ad nauseam on every message board I can find.  Change is bad.  Oh wait, sorry that was my basement dweller alter ego.  Enjoy the new DCU, peeps, and we’ll see you for more DCnU reviews.


Overall Grade:  7.5/10