By: Matthew Rapier

The main selling point to me for Green Lantern Corps in the relaunch, other than the fact that it IS GL Corps, was the announcement of Peter J. Tomasi returning to the title. Tony Bedard took over Tomasi’s spot before the relaunch and did a solid job with the stories. I have no gripes towards Bedard at all just an excitement to have Tomasi back.
My review is a little later which gave me a chance to read Green Lantern: New Guardians earlier and after taking in all the Lantern books I feel that Green Lantern Corps has the best start of them all. It may be my liking for team-ups or the fact that there will possibly be a larger cast of characters showcased with stories on a more cosmic level. 
When there are two new Corps members opening the issue, who remain nameless other than their designated sector number, there is a good chance that these characters won’t have much of a future. While retaining a prisoner in a GL Sector House an unknown threat presents itself, slicing through the bodies of the Corps members.
As it was with Hal Jordan in Green Lantern #1, other Earth Green Lanterns don’t have much luck leading normal lives after being out in space for so long. Guy Gardner tries to land a job as a high school football coach, but is quickly told that he is needed elsewhere out in the world. John Stewart is back in his role as an architect and has gripes with safety issues concerning new building plans. He suggests higher costs to equip the buildings properly for human safety, but his co-workers don’t go for it.
The two eventually meet up and assemble a small group of Lanterns to check out the Planet Nerro in Sector 3599. Upon arriving at their destination Stewart asks his ring if the coordinates are off because where they’ve landed should be the bottom of an ocean, but it’s completely dry land. Not only did the villain steal the planets water, it also destroyed the entire race inhabiting the world with two dead Green Lanterns on stakes. 
Peter J. Tomasi’s signature is all over this book. There are the fun moments with Guy Gardner and his pompousness then when the moment calls for a serious tone he makes the looming threat feel very real. Fernando Pasarin is now my favorite artist on any of the Green Lantern books. I was sure Doug Mahnke would remain in the top spot for me, but Pasarin makes his characters look so smooth and maintains a mix of a cartoony look with great realistic detail.
This was fun from start to finish and has been my easiest decision of a grade yet. Giving this one anything less than a perfect score would be unjust.
Overall Grade: 10/10