By: Mark Cormier

Swamp Thing #1 was arguably the best book I’ve read out of the New 52. In fact, out of the three issues I reviewed last month (the others being the first issues of Animal Man and Aquaman), it received my highest rating. Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette started things off by showing a great deal of promise. Amazingly enough, they have actually outdone themselves with the second issue, proving that they can deliver on that promise.

As I mentioned in my review of the previous issue, the new Swamp Thing is accessible to newcomers and longtime fans alike. Here, we are given a great deal of exposition. It helps bring newcomers up to speed, and it helps longtime fans bridge the gap between the past and the present. Swamp Thing and Alec Holland are firmly established as separate identities, with Swamp Thing acting as the mentor figure and Holland as the reluctant hero. Swamp Thing gives a crash course lesson about the Green, the Parliament of Trees, and the role he is destined to play in the imminent battle against the forces of absolute evil.

This absolute evil is given a bit more of an identity in this series, essentially being described as a counterpart to the Green. Incidentally, it is also the source of the flies that swarm into people’s brains and twists their neck backwards, converting them into uniquely monstrous, disfigured, mindless killers even more disturbing than zombies.

Once again, this information is neither daunting to new readers nor disrespectful to past writers of the green avenger. If anything Snyder definitely knows his material. Paquette continues to deliver stunning artwork, setting the dark tone of this series with dark tones and unconventional panel layouts.

So far, in my personal opinion, Swamp Thing has been the best that the New 52 has had to offer thus far. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

Overall Grade: 9.5/10