By: Rennie Cowan

DC has painted a pretty picture; or if you prefer, they paint this issue jam-packed with bright colors. It feels like HD over standard. From the cover to the final panel you will likely be pleased with Teen Titans #1. There is plenty of action and of course, the HD part is just an analogy. Though it is candy for the eyes (nothing to brag about), Teen Titans #1 brings back our favorite super-powered teens in a new and refreshing light. If you are disappointed in Superman not having red underwear then steer your way on over to this issue. The surprises are easier to handle: Kid Flash, Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy – all redone, but not to clear absurdity – just enough to make you feel safe.

Firstly, the artwork is nothing short of magnificence – and I’m not blowing any hot air. Whether you feel like it is the difference between standard and HD (with 3D glasses even) the cover unleashes the new costumes without making you open the book; the latest designs will make you go…hmm. Red Robin now has metallic wings. Wonder Girl has the hoody, and the pants of her legs seem to be full of stars. Kid Flash is dressed like a skateboarder (with a worn-out sweater and knee pads). And Superboy is completely juiced up. You don’t see Superboy until the final panel of the comic book but he is beaming with energy; rays of light burst from his full-body Superboy suit and “S” shield.

Young Metahumans are being sought after by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the same group we saw introduced in Superboy #1 (of the 52’s). Kid Flash (is it Wally West, we never get his name?) is out to prove he is a superhero by saving people in a burning mansion. Instead he causes a backdraft and gets thrown asunder, his attire ripped to shreds. It does make more sense that he is dressed in ragged clothing; after all, do all teenagers have the jobs to obtain the money for these slick superhero costumes? Kid Flash’s rush to be a hero gets N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s attention. Red Robin (Tim Drake) is watching him on the news on several virtual view screens. His penthouse is very high-tech and he knows an International organization (N.O.W.H.E.R.E.) are plucking up Metahumans.

Drake is approached by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and their crew, leaving him with no other option but to jump out and blow his own place up. Like a real wise guy he cracks a couple of wise jokes then he leaves the goons behind in the burning inferno. We get a good glimpse of his metallic wings as he gracefully takes the plunge. From that point in time to the introduction of Wonder Girl speeding in a fast, red sports car we discover that Red Robin knows who Wonder Girl is even, and he feels she is next in line. Of course, he had been watching several news channels at once via virtual vision in his penthouse so that is probably where he got his information.


Some may prefer Red Robin to rely on his skills alone rather than honing metallic wings. It is obvious that he will use the wings to deflect bullets and debris at some point then naysayers may complain and claim it is too easy for Drake. However, even if in the minority, I rather liked this new touch to Red Robin’s costume. The cape is out and it sets him apart from any other Robin incarnation; he has some heavy-duty gear, and flying around makes more sense this way.

Wonder Girl is an absolute wonder. Ok, I just had to say that. No really, I love her new star-spangled garb. In fact, you can see the pant of her legs full of stars (inner-space stars). This reminds me of the good ‘ol days of The Legion of Superheroes where some of our heroes had bodies full of stars (remember Thom Kallor, aka Starboy?). And what emits from her fingertips? Sparkles; or rather, brightly colored circles of popping energy. She is DC’s version of Marvel’s Dazzler. And with her sporting a hoody, the circled sparkles make you feel so 1970’s Dazzler!

But what is Teen Titans without Superboy? I’m sorry, “It”. Yes, Superboy is referred to as an “It” with a capital “I” in this reboot issue. The truth is we don’t exactly know what he is yet. Not unless you have already read Superboy #1. One thing is certain, he feels more Kryptonian now than ever and less Conner. The suit really does take you back to the late 1980’s Superman (the one-piece outfit in the storyline “The Day of the Krypton Man”). For a comparison, take a quick look at the front cover of Superman #42 (post-crisis, 1990).        

So Tim Drake saves the damsel in distress (Wonder Girl) and we discover she is hiding her powers. He calls her bluff and eventually she uses them to save their skins. Oh, and she doesn’t like to be called Wonder Girl either, her apparent media name. Though they appear out of the water for now, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is ready for plan B, and that includes unleashing “The Superboy”! Friend or foe? Well, you’ll have to find out what will happen next issue. But something tells me they will be friends soon enough. 


DC is off to a good start. Teen Titans #1 gets my vote. Go Teen Titans!

Overall Grade: 9/10