By: Matthew Rapier

All will be well. If you aren’t familiar with recent Lantern lore, that is a phrase associated the Blue Lantern Corps member Saint Walker. In the previous issue Kyle Rayner found himself being chosen for every member of the Corps and is now facing threats from each group excluding the greedy Larfleeze, owner of the sole orange ring. Just when it’s needed Saint Walker arrives on the scene to bail Rayner out of an unfair slaughtering and the two escape en route to Oa.
As they voyage to Green Lantern headquarters, Walker and Rayner both share sentiments of why Ganthet is a central figure in their lives. They both assume that Ganthet will have the answers for why the rings are attracted to Rayner and Saint Walker makes note that Larfleeze must be dead because of his absence in the earlier chaos. Back on Earth, the various Corps members after Rayner regroup and plan to follow him back to Oa which has been declared off-limits, but they do not follow the Green Lantern rules. 
Saint Walker  stays back because of the rule as Rayner visits Salaak in request of meeting with Ganthet. Salaak will not grant access, but it’s not needed when the Guardians become aware of Rayner’s presence and meet him outside. Rayner realizes that Ganthet has been changed by the other Guardians and they come after him to take the rings and force interrogation. The rings slip onto Kyle’s fingers and he becomes the ROY G BIV Lantern.
The second issue of New Guardians amps up the energy at the beginning and never lets up. Tony Bedard really throws a lot on Kyle here and gives him wit while it all happens which makes the issue a lot of fun to read. I was unsure with the first issue if this would be a title worth keeping, but I’m glad things took a different direction here. Good work by Bedard, keeping it easy to follow while moving the story forward in a big way. The art duties were shared this time with Tyler Kirkham opening and ending the issue, while Harvey Tolibao handled the bulk of the work. Though their styles are different, it really works well and didn’t  take me out of the issue with the changes. Both artists took great detail in showing the scenes and making the action pop out at you, and with shared colorist Nei Ruffino, the colors stayed beautiful throughout. 
It is hard for me to recommend just one Lantern book to a new fan. They have all started off strongly, giving nice twists and leaving me curious to where the characters are headed next. Since we are early into the relaunch, it’s still a great time to jump in and come along for the wild ride in the world of Lanterns. 
Overall Grade: 9/10