By: Mark Cormier

Once again, Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette (along with guest artist Victor Ibanez) have validated my fandom for Swamp Thing. There are a lot of elements in this issue that are both nostalgic and refreshing at the same time.

The plot definitely thickens in the third issue, picking up from the cliffhanger with Abigail pointing a gun at Alec. Abby was a major character in the Swamp Thing universe, particularly as a love interest to the Swamp Thing.

I’m not sure what happened to her since Alan Moore’s run in the mid-80’s, but it was certainly a surprise for me to see her as a shotgun-toting biker chick. As Alec Holland’s guide into the dark journey he’s about to undertake, I feel very open to this interpretation of the character.

Swamp Thing #3 also introduces us to little William Arcane. William is a sick and tormented little boy who has a deadly allergy to Chlorophyll and is effectively forced to live in a bubble. Snyder does a great job of painting this kid in a sympathetic light, which only makes the twist at the end all the more shocking.

It’s strange to learn that there were two artists working on this issue, with Yanick’s pencils replaced by Victor Ibanez for about 12 pages. The fact that I couldn’t tell the difference, as the similarities between their art styles continued the flow of the story without any breaks.

This series is showing no signs of running out of steam. You will definitely believe in the power of the Green.

Overall Grade: 9/10