By: Matthew Rapier

Sinestro is out to disassembled the very Corps he created because of their actions of enslaving his home world, Korugar. At some point I see “Sinestro” being dropped and they just become known as the Fear Corps. It’s no surprise that Hal and Sinestro are still at odds as they discuss how to move forward with their plan. Hal wants to visit Carol before leaving to make things better with her, but Sinestro will have no such waste of time.
On Oa the Guardians discuss the imperfections of their own creation, the Green Lantern Corps, with Hal and Sinestro being cited as having tremendous will, but also vulnerability in their faults. As it was with the Manhunters, it’s now time to replace the Green Lantern Corps with a third army.
Sinestro tells Hal to take a Lantern into the yellow central battery to shut down all the rings and his own Corps while he creates a distraction. A Korugarian woman named Arsona intervenes when one of the Corps members hassles a younger girl which causes Sinestro to prematurely reveal himself to the planet. The captive Korugarians run in fear when realizing Sinestro has arrived, even though he tries to explain his intentions. Hal makes his way to the yellow central battery with an outcome that neither he or Sinestro were expecting.
This sort of issue is what made Green Lantern a must read title for me. I began to worry that maybe Geoff Johns was running the well dry with the first two issues not quite living up to his work before the relaunch. Every time I begin to doubt Johns, he brings out something like this and makes me realize that patience pays off. Something as simple as the Guardians creating a third army feels like we should’ve already thought of this, but picks things up nicely. I don’t want to give away the ending here because it is a hell of a cliffhanger and spoiling it just wouldn’t be nice. 
What can be said about Doug Mahnke’s art other than it’s fantastic? Three issues in and his work is as strong, if not more so than it was in #1. Ivan Reis was my definitive Green Lantern artist at one point and having him replaced was an uncertainty, but Mahnke has taken over quite nicely and I wouldn’t want anyone else giving me a visual for these characters and this action. Green Lantern easily takes the number one spot for Lantern titles with this issue and has finally made its way back into my top 5 of favorite books in the relaunch. 
Overall Grade: 10/10