By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

I’m glad they finally introduced Wonder Woman!  And for purely literary reasons, I swear!  Ok maybe I think Jim Lee draws a pretty attractive Wonder Woman, but still.  Moving on… oh yeah, Wonder Woman!  I really like how they introduced her character, there wasn’t a long buildup she’s just thrown right into the action.  This is one reason I like this series.  We are already getting good character background in the individual titles so we don’t need a whole lot here.  I think Johns did a great job characterizing Wonder Woman.  It didn’t really deviate from what we would expect and that’s ok.  She’s a warrior.  She is here because mankind is corrupt and she knows it.  Even Superman was impressed with her.  And that’s saying a lot.  On that note, is it wrong that I want to see a Wonder Woman/Superman romance in the DCnU?  Cause I do.

I was also very impressed with how they brought Steve Trevor into the story, and I feel bad for the guy.  He’s gonna be doing a lot of chasing. Victor Stone?  Yes please!  I’ve never read a proper origin for him and I love what they are doing here.  You feel a great deal of sympathy for his father (especially being one myself) and how he would do anything to save his son.  They are also writing him to be a great team member in the JL.

I was somewhat taken aback by the fact that they are jumping right into Darkseid.  I thought to myself, how does one top a Darkseid story?  You don’t which is why I think this path is a mistake.  I’m not saying the next villain will stink.  I just don’t think it’ll come very close because of the magnitude of his epic evilness.

And Aquaman, woohoo!  I had been so accustomed to the bearded hook dude, so this was very refreshing, although the bling on his neck looked a little weird, but hey he’s the king of the ocean (or something like that) so he can do whatever the crap he wants.  I guess if you really think about it he’s practically the ruler of earth since 2/3 is water.  Hmmmmm. Ok back on track.

Ok so I know I’ve been gushing but I have to say that artwork brings stories to life and can make a story better, even a bad one.  Some may disagree, but that’s strictly my opinion.  I hope Jim Lee is on the title for a while because he brings the characters to life.  The best was the final shot of Aquaman which is ironic because there was a lot of great Wonder Woman pages. Kudos to Johns and Lee for making the Justice League awesome again.  On a stupid side note, why was Wonder Woman so in awe over the freakin’ ice cream?  What kind of crap is she exposed to on Paradise Island that ice cream is so amazing?  Are they eating gruel?

Overall Grade: 8/10