By: Matthew Rapier

When Geoff Johns introduced the idea of the Emotional Spectrum into Green Lantern lore, it opened up a wide range of possibilities for fresh stories. Some fans have expressed a disliking for this new concept, but I honestly believe it is one of the best things to happen to the world of the Lanterns. New Guardians has worked very well so far and Red Lanterns is giving a chance for a singular Corps to get the spotlight for a while. I imagined this would be a great thing and hopefully other Corps’ would get their own ongoings too. I’m not so sure anymore.
Atrocitus has decided to give one of his Corps members the gift of intelligence, even close to his own. Bleez is chosen and thrown into the blood pit as all the other Red Lanterns watch on. She swims through the blood, gradually gaining a better sense of her surrounds then eventually gets the memories back of her past life.
On Earth, the two brothers who lost their grandfather to a brutal assault, John and Raymond, bicker with each other yet again about who is right in the effort to justify their loss. Bleez emerges from the pit on Ysmault and discusses her transformation with Atrocitus. She is unhappy with his decision because she now has the pain of all her memories returned. He takes her back to her home planet, Havania to get retribution on those who wronged her.
Bleez rips one of the criminals’ head off and opts to leave the other man alive, telling him that he will have to live in fear by not knowing when she will return to kill him as well. Atrocitus takes action and kills the man on the spot because the Red Lantern Corps is meant to be pitiless and without subtleties. Back on Ysmault with Dex-Starr in hand, Atrocitus contemplates if his decision to give intelligence to Bleeze was the right action. Had she been devising a plan before to take over the Red Lantern Corps?
This is not a terrible comic. I stressed this in my last review that this really should be a mini-series rather than an ongoing. I just can’t see this title staying interesting for a year or more. Peter Milligan is a good writer, his stuff on Justice League Dark so far has been one of my favorites from the relaunch. Maybe his ability has been hindered a bit with a story that can’t really go in too many surprising directions, at least that’s what I think. Ed Benes is very much himself in this issue. He seems to love drawing angles that give us a nice view of cleavage and butt crack. Besides that, the art is a great fit for the product inside.
I’ll be back for issue #4. At this point I have my mind set on finishing the first arc and then dropping the title. I might be able to appreciate the story more that way in making it feel like a book that intentionally ended with six issues
Overall Grade 6.5/10