By: Matthew Rapier
The Green Lantern Corps has faced one of its biggest problems yet. An army of individuals who seem to be immune to the willpower thrown forth by the green power rings has been slowly moving in on Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and a select group of members. The last issue saw Isamot Kol outnumbered and on his own in an unknown realm, having his limbs severed from his body, then thrown back in front of his Lantern mates with warning of the incoming threat. 
Issue #3 starts with a bang, continuing from where the previous title ended. We see the Lanterns in battle with enemies that aren’t effected by will. It’s good to see Isamot Kol isn’t dead, and pretty hilarious to see that he is wearing his ring on his tongue since there are no limbs on his body. 
Salaak tunes in from Oa and realizes the situation is pretty dire and sends in a number of Lanterns to help their brethren out on the planet of Xabas. We are then introduced to a new Lantern who can teleport large groups of people at once who goes by the clever name of Porter. He asks Salaak to take a leap of faith with his abilities and the six armed alien is quick to let him know that he leans on science and facts as his faith.
On Xabas, Gardner, Stewart and the team of Lanterns has the threat on the ropes until they begin willing themselves to die in sensing their defeat. John Stewart knocks one of the beings unconscious and scans it with his ring to find that they are fighting beings of pure willpower, revealing the reason their rings seem inept at the moment. Porter finally arrives with a large group of Lanterns to rescue those that have been stranded on the foreign planet.
Porter uses his power again to bring the Lanterns and some of the inhabitants of Xabas back to Oa and when they arrive John Stewart is nowhere to be found. Guy Gardner points out that Stewart is missing as well as a few other members of the group he was just fighting alongside of. Porter then dies as Gardner tells him he served the Corps well and the cliffhanger is John and his team of lanterns being surrounded by the willpowered beings.
Peter J. Tomasi keeps the pace at a high-speed through the entire issue. It opens with the Lanterns in a serious threat and ends with possibly an even worse situation. I was really happy to see Isamot Kol survive his disfigurement, and it gave me a laugh with the ring being used on his tongue. There wasn’t much purpose to Porter other than to get some Lanterns out of the situation and leave others, causing a more complicated situation. 
Fernando Pasarin is absent on art duties from this issue, but it’s really hard to detect it at first glance. While Geraldo Borges has his own distinct style, he finds a way to fit in with the previous issues by carrying all the characters and action scenes well. 
Green Lantern Corps is going really strong leading into #4 and there is a great cliffhanger to keep us guessing what will happen with Stewart and the abandoned Lanterns.
Overall Grade: 8/10