By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The Flash, issue 2: Think Fast! That’s exactly what Barry has to do as the group of Manuel Lago clones (calling themselves Mob Rule) from last issue make their escape. As they do, Flash gets a call from Iris West who tells him she is safe. Moments later, Flash is about to destroy Dr. Elias’s treadmill in a study on Flash’s speed. A few seconds was all it took for the good doctor to understand the Speed Force that Barry taps into. While his body takes advantage of his powers, his mind does not. It doesn’t take too long before Barry is able to literally think faster than before. Along with the ability to run fast, Barry can also see and sense many things going on at the same time. Barry uses his newfound cognition, his “Flash-sense” if you want to call it that, to take out a couple of thieves in a spectacular way. He’s even able to do it without missing a beat of his conversation with Iris. Iris informs Barry that his buddy Lago is in the CIA and was reported to be killed in action over a year ago. An “unofficial” passport is the lead Barry needs to investigate as the Flash. However, Flash’s investigation is cut short when a massive power outage occurs in Central City, causing a plane to plummet to the Gem City bridge…

I’ll admit, since Flash: Rebirth I haven’t really followed Barry Allen. The new 52 interpretation is a perfect point for me to get to know the character. Manapul does a good job balancing the mystery of Manuel Lago with showing how Flash’s powers work. There is a lot of good story and character work going on, but the real action is in the art. Francis Manapul manages to tell a better story visually. It’s not very often that I read the art in a comic more than the dialogue. There’s so much to take in when Barry realizes the extent of his powers that you don’t really need dialogue. I will criticize Manapul for the lack of detail in the backgrounds. The backgrounds look more like paintings than a farm, or a city, or even a lab. I appreciate Manapul’s style, I guess there’s certain things I have to get used to with this comic.

Overall Grade: 7/10