By: Sam J. Rizzo

Finally! After issues of waiting for Superboy to finally get going on his mission from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to start bringing in other metahumans is over. Superboy battles Wonder Girl in a huge battle in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The media coverage of the New Years ball drop was interrupted by the two battling it out, in the middle of the square. At first, the news crew thought it was a part of the festivities but that quickly changed. I found he fight dialogue between Superboy and Wonder Girl pretty funny; in the midst of the fight Superboy thinking about Wonder Girl, “She’s a lot more attractive in real life than she was in the holograms. Who knows what might have happened if.” Superboy hitting on her during the fight was funny. At one point Superboy says to her, “I guess it would be silly to ask you to join me, right? Working for N.O.W.H.E.R.E.” Wonder Girl says “No way in frozen hell, “Superboy.” I enjoyed the witty bantered between the two characters.

As the battle between Superboy and Wonder Girl continues, the rest of the Teen Titans (Bunker, Skitter, & Robin) are at Robin’s penthouse watching the New Years coverage when they see Superboy and Wonder Girl fighting in Times Square. Solstice and Kid-Flash meet up with the rest of the Titans at the penthouse after their escape from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.  Robin & Kid-Flash have a fight about respecting peoples’ personal property because Bart takes one of Robin’s sweatshirts without asking. Robin flips out on Bart saying; “You don’t just take someone’s sweatshirt without asking!” The fight between the two is quickly interrupted by the television coverage of Superboy & Wonder Girl’s fight. Robin says to the others that theye have to take a stand against N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and asks who is with him. Everyone in the penthouse says they are all in.

The last two splash pages of this issue feature Superboy look up as  Robin and the Titans come to Wonder Girl’s aid. Superboy says to them “I’m new to this, who are you supposed to be?” and Robin replies to Superboy, “I was thinking something like Teen Titans.” The line from Robin symbolizes the Titans declaration as a team.   They are the line in the sand between N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and the rest of the metahumans whom they are protecting around the world. There was a real humorous moment on the last page, with Bart in Robin’s old costume from when he fought at Batman’s side. Robin saying “Bart is that my—?” and Bart replying back very sarcastically to Robin “It was in the back of your closet!”  The dialogue between Kid-Flash & Red Robin in contrast to Superboy & Wonder Girl was great giving a sense that these are teenage kids fighting and bickering with one another but yet trying to save the world as a team.

Overall, I thought the issue was pretty good; there was a ton of action between Wonder-Girl & Superboy fighting in Times Square. The dialogue was great for all the characters, in particular Red Robin & Kid-Flash as well as Superboy & Wonder-Girl. The illustration work was very well done. The one criticism I have is about the look of Superboy; the new suit he is wearing reminds me a little bit of the Tron suits from the movie Tron Legacy, but with the Superman “S” logo on it. I don’t think it is a bad look for him but I hope they change it up soon. Maybe go back to the black shirt with the red S and jeans. It should be interesting to see how the rest of his story develops between his solo book and Teen Titans. His character seems very interesting in that he can go either way at this point he really can either be a villain or a hero. His journey like many of the other Titans is just beginning. 

Overall Grade: 7/10