By: Matthew Rapier

I was so unsure about New Guardians with the first two issues. This book wasn’t in the category of worst titles I’ve picked up, but my expectations were on such a high level when it was first announced. Having at least one member of each Corps forming an awkward team as an ongoing seemed like a natural addition to the Lantern family of books. Issue three picked up my interest with the story progressing and also an appearance from Larfleeze. Now with the series at four issues, I am beginning to lean towards it as my favorite Green Lantern title at the moment.

 Larfleeze bursts onto the scene by piggybacking on avarice controlled Sayd as she argues with Ganthet on how the Guardians have brainwashed him to become devoid of emotion. Kyle Rayner tries to step in and be the voice of reason while Ganthet pleads with him to follow orders because of a new power residing inside of him. Kyle takes a page out of Hal Jordan’s playbook and tells Ganthet to shove it because he will decide his own fate from now on.

 Munk teleports the entire rainbow team to the planet Okaara where Fatality points out she learned of war. Arkillo rushes at Saint Walker for being forced to retreat and has his tongue returned by a construct of Sinestro. The same is tried with Bleez, but she quickly retreats. Sayd reveals that Larfleeze had disguised his construct, Glomulus, as the orange ring that was seeking out Rayner in the earlier issues. She discovered a supermassive black hole that transformed into a white hole. Inside was a vessel known as the Orrery which was created by a new unknown threat and is the exact place the multi-colored team will find their answers.

 Finally this book is getting into the territory I was expecting. There is a grand scale going on here that wasn’t quite as present when the title first started. It could be argued that the Green Lantern books often use space epics and such too often, but this is the exact reason I am drawn to this corner of the DCU. My favorite piece in the issue by far was Arkillo getting his tongue returned by Saint Walker’s construct of Sinestro. When Arkillo tells Walker he is assuming things he doesn’t know about by using that particular construct, we see it’s presented because of what the recipient needed. As cheesy as it sounds, something about those Blue Lanterns always pulls at my heart.

Great writing from Tony Bedard in this issue and as always Tyler Kirkham’s art is the real prize of this book. Can’t give all the credit to Kirkham though because Nei Ruffino makes all the images pop out in your face with beautiful colors throughout. The Lantern books are always switching spots for me  and this week New Guardians takes the top spot.

 Overall Grade: 9/10