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By: Matthew Rapier

In November of last year we finally got the Green Lantern animated series pilot that seemed to be in development forever. If that wait wasn’t long enough, it was then revealed that the full season wouldn’t start until March of 2012. Finally the wait was over and the first two episodes were the ones that aired as the hour-long pilot previously. It seemed like a never-ending loop of waiting and re-runs until the third episode in the series graced our television sets with a fresh, fun, and exciting story.

Hal and Kilowog journey to a prison planet overseen by the Spider Guild to drop off the recently captured Red Lantern, Razer. The leader of the guild, Myglom, informs the two Lanterns of Razer’s punishment and as soon as they came Hal and Kilowog are off again. Back on their ship they find a stowaway from the prison planet who informs them that not everything is as it seems with the Spider Guild. All prisoners of the planet are made to relive the worst memories of their past in a form of mistreatment punishment.

They head back to help Razer and as fate would have it, they are also captured and forced into the torture of dark memories. Aya comes to free Razer so he can help free the Green Lanterns. The three Lanterns form an unlikely alliance to handle the Spider Guild before calling it splitsville from the prison planet.

 I will admit that I wasn’t too high on the fact that they creators of the show decided to introduce a brand new Red Lantern that hasn’t been seen in the comics. From the pilot episode he just felt like a ‘been there, done that’ sort of villain, leaving me unimpressed. When they dive into his memories here and show a tortured past where he loses his lover which causes his rage to be chosen for the Red Lanterns, I changed my tune. I felt sympathy and realized what a great choice it was to have this character as a mainstay for the upcoming episodes. I literally jumped off the couch and gave a fist pump when he decided to come back and save Hal and Kilowog.

The show has picked up in a big way with this episode. There is enough content here that borrows from the Green Lantern lore of the comics and also a great amount of fresh ideas and plot twists that really help this show stand out. The general excitement of a Green Lantern animated series had me pumped to begin with, but now that a few more elements of the story have been shown its on course  to be the best animated show right now.

Overall Grade: 10/10
(I’d give it an 11 if I could, because the writers have
made Razer my second favorite Red Lantern)