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By: Adam Basciano

Hot off the heels of their announcement that Will Beall is writing the script for a Justice League film, while Michael Goldenberg writes a Wonder Woman big screen adventure, comes the news that Warner Brothers is moving forward with a slew of DC Comics properties. Variety reports that properties on the studios to-do list include The Flash, Aquaman, Lobo, Suicide Squad, Shazam and Green Arrow.

While this has been on Warner Brothers agenda for a couple of years since turning DC Comics into DC Entertainment, “The Avengers” definitely gave WB the kick in the testicular region they sorely needed! “According to sources close to the development process, the studio learned that when making a superhero pic, it needs to tap creatives that genuinely understand the characters the way Joss Whedon was comfortable with “The Avengers.”

Along with all the new properties listed above, the studio is still weighing its options on what to do with Green Lantern. It isn’t so much if we will see the character again, we will.  Rather, the question is if Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role, or the character will receive the reboot treatment I wouldn’t mind either option. Although Ryan Reynolds was not the problem with “Green Lantern”. A director out of his element, piss poor editing decisions, and studio interference accounted for many of the films flaws.  As I said previously, despite its shortcomings, I enjoyed the film. I think some tweaking could result in a vastly improved sequel.

Speaking of reboots, Variety confirms that the Batman franchise will receive a relaunch following Nolan’s final installment of his trilogy.  Many fans, including me believe that DC Entertainment needs there equivalent of Kevin Fiege.  Variety strongly implies that Warner Brothers is setting up Christopher Nolan to fill that position. ”  With the filmmaker having relaunched Batman (last installment, “The Dark Knight,” hauled in $1 billion globally, now surpassed by “The Avengers”) and producing Superman pic “Man of Steel,” directed by Zack Snyder, WB has increasingly put more control of its DC films in Nolan’s hands.”

I think this is a fantastic move, one I’ve lobbied for many times on World’s Best Podcast. More firm plans on these properties will be known after the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20. If it’s even possible, now I’m even more excited for the film.

(Source: Variety)