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By:Matthew Rapier

John Stewart and a group of Lanterns were last left on the planet Xabas, surrounded by a swarm of The Keepers while Guy Gardner and his group were transported back to Oa. A member of the Corps gets slaughtered by one of the Keepers as an example for them to stay in line.

On Oa, Guy Gardner interrogates the captured member of the Keepers, but with resistance and no answers to be found. Hannu vents his frustration alone from having to leave his Lantern brethren behind by smashing boulders in a canyon on Oa. Isamot Kol wakes up from a nightmare of being tortured and having his limbs severed once again. He shakes off the fear and joins Sheriff Mardin in a simulation combat training facility. Back on Xabas the Keepers prepare the Lanterns for a dread walk across the barren, Emerald Plains.

Gardner receives an unexpected visit from the Martian Manhunter who speeds up the interrogation process by reading the captured enemies thoughts. It’s revealed that these new beings the Lanterns have encountered were the original keepers of the power batteries they use to charge up the rings. The Keepers are on a quest for Oa to take the central power battery from the emerald planet.

This always happens to me whenever I read the various Lantern titles each month. I will read Green Lantern and think to myself that it is the best book of the Lantern family, then with New Guardians, and then GL Corps. It’s such a revolving door of fantastic art and strong storytelling that you can pick any issue from these three titles to be the best of the bunch. As you can gather, right now Green Lantern Corps is my favorite book from the Lanterns.

Peter Tomasi has similarities to Geoff Johns in that he leads you on a certain path and when you think you know what’s going on, he turns it upside down. So much back story a new history is being made for this corner of the DCU and I couldn’t be happier. The art has been awesome since the very first page of the very first issue. I see no areas where Fernando Pasarin gets lazy and scribbles through a background or a character’s anatomy. His creation of the Emerald Plains is creepy. I can literally hear the general silence of the area, with soft sounds of winds blowing and thunder rumbling in the distance. Kudos to DC and each team involved with these books. Issues like this are why Green Lantern and the Corps is my favorite part of DC Comics.

Overall Grade: 8/10