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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Apokolips has declared war on Earth. Only Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman stand between the Parademons and Armageddon itself. Batman has a plan; he just has to climb one of the many towers that threaten to tear Earth apart. While Superman and Wonder Woman both give Bruce the chance he needs, Supergirl (Kara) and Robin (Helena) also do their part in aiding the trio. Mercury, the Roman messenger god, visits Diana to tell her the gods are dying. He thanks her one last time for her faith and speeds off. Just then, Clark is attacked by a swarm of parademons. Clark and Diana let out a warning cry to each other before meeting their doom. Steppenwolf and his army have won this battle. Batman speaks to his daughter, Helena, one more time as he loads his virus program into the tower. After saying “I love you”, the tower explodes with Batman inside. Five years later, Alan Scott narrates the tale for a documentary. The Earth is still scorched from the invasion. In Michigan, Jay Garrick drinks to his sorrows after being dumped. He thinks it’s a star he’s wishing on. It’s Mercury, and he needs help.

Well that was tragic. It’s a pity too because I wanted to see more of this Earth’s Superman and Batman. I especially wanted to see Batman’s relationship with his daughter. Hopefully that will be shown in World’s Finest. Nicola Scott really drew me in with this issue. That cover is amazing! I never knew too much about the multiverse or any of DC’s alternate Earths. I started regularly reading DC comics around the nineties. DC tried to resurrect the concept after Infinite Crisis but didn’t do much with it. I’m looking forward to seeing how the reinterpretation of the JSA plays out. I have faith in Robinson’s writing here. This issue deserves a high grade because of the risk it took right out the gate. Scott’s art is very detailed and just fun to look at!

Overall Grade: 9/10