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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Happy New Year! Earth is being invaded! Superboy is attacked by Clayface. Thankfully Miss Martian and their squad are around to help him out. But wait, this isn’t the team we know. They’re being led by Nightwing? We learn that Miss Martian is dating Lagoon Boy, there’s a new Robin, and Blue Beetle is on the team. Lobo attacks the UN hunting Secretary-General Tseng. Wonder Girl and Batgirl intercept Lobo but are thrown around. Lobo gets what he came for, revealing Tseng as an alien in disguise. G. Gordon Godfrey is shown on television spewing his anti-Justice League propaganda. On the Justice League watchtower, Martian Manhunter introduces Adam Strange who was teleported to Rann. He continues, saying an alien race known as the Kroloteans stole Zeta beam technology. Nightwing sends a team out to destroy zeta platforms, but they end up in over their heads when they are discovered by a bunch of Kroloteans.

It’s five years later, what happened to the original team and where did all the new members come from? I had to watch this one a couple of times because I was pointing out all the new characters the first time! I have a lot of questions that I hope get answered. What happened between Conner and M’gann? Where are Aqualad and Kid Flash? I love how this season goes deeper into DC’s character vault, but I was taken out of the show by the time jump. I’m tempted to take points away because of that, however seeing Blue Beetle and the Main Man bring the score back up.

Overall Grade: 9/10