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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

In Brazil, Black Manta strikes! Kahina the Seer may be able to see the future, but she sure doesn’t see her own fate. Black Manta makes a final threat before her demise. First Kahina, then her family. Arthur can’t save her now. The next scene shows Mera and Aquaman in the middle of a storm bringing all ships to land. Next stop: the home of Dr. Shin! Arthur shows Shin the relic found from the trench (from previous issues, go check them out!) and Mera demands to know what happened to Atlantis. Shin submerges the artifact in salt water to see a similar warning already seen by Aquaman. Just then, a mysterious woman breaks in to attack Dr. Shin. She declares him a murderer but thankfully Mera and Aquaman are there to defend him. The woman, Ya’wara, fills Arthur in on what Black Manta has been up to. Just who are the Others?

Where do I start with my disappointment in this issue? The cover grabbed my attention when I saw it. I was excited to read about this other team Aquaman belonged to. I was also anxious to learn something more about Atlantis. I got none of that. This issue is clearly setup for the next arc. I have nothing negative to say about Ivan Reis’s art, it’s awesome as usual. My problem is that the story doesn’t go anywhere. The opening scene with Black Manta did not have to be so long. Also, the introduction to this “Other” team is so brief. I’m not expecting the entire issue to spend time on all these new characters, but I would hope that Johns would spend at least a page on one of their back stories. It’s set up, I know. I’m not dropping the title over this because I’m sure there are great things to come. I guess I expected this issue to have more to it since last issue was an interlude. If I see Geoff Johns at C2E2 I’m going to ask him about this title and this issue in particular.

Overall Grade:  5/10