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By: Adam Basciano

“MR. TERRIFIC – Michael Holt – lands on EARTH TWO! Don’t miss the origin of the Earth Two FLASH – and the first time he uses his powers! What could be a bigger threat to Earth Two than APOKOLIPS? Jay Garrick is about to find out!” (DC Comics)

I absolutely loved this issue.  It’s got all the ingredients that make up what I consider a good story. Sci-fi, a superhero origin, and a couple of cliffhanger endings.  One of my favourite aspects of the DC Universe is their use of alternate realities and multiple Earth’s.  When its confined and focused like it is in this book and World’s Finest, it’s great.  When is overblown and chaotic like in Final Crisis, it’s a disaster.  The moment when Mr. Terrific arrives on Earth 2, that experience of awe and confusion is a classic for this type of story. It reminds me of my reaction the first time parallel universes were revealed on the show “Fringe.”

In this book, these heroes who are rising up following the death of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman seem to be inspired by their fallen heroes.  It’s a flip of the switch from the original JSA, who inspired the Justice League.  This book as I mentioned above, is an origin story for Jay Garrick, a.k.a. The Flash.  James Robinson has done a terrific job updating his origin.  I don’t want to offend any long time fans, but Jay’s water vapor accident isn’t all that exciting.  The idea that Jay has been given his super speed from Mercury, a Roman god, is far more grand, which fits with the larger than life DC superheroes.  I’m curious to know who the threat is that Mercury speaks of.  Someone greater and darker than anything on Apokolips? That’s can’t be good!

As for Alan Scott, so much for enjoying some down time.  He’s enjoying some alone time with his boyfriend.  Yes, his boyfriend.  Big deal!  This was a major story in the news, but personally, I don’t care.  I read superhero comics for the entertaining escapism they provide.  I could care less about their sexual orientation. Anyways, Alan proposes to his boyfriend during a train ride to a remote location, but those plan’s take a nose dive…literally.  However, the green light emanating from the window suggest that either there’s a night-light onboard, or the Green Lantern’s about to save the day.

If Nicola Scott was drawing every DC book I’d be absolutely fine with it.  Yeah, she’s that damn good.  The page where Mr. Terrific arrives on Earth 2 really emphasizes not only the hustle and bustle of the city, but also the confusion our displaced hero is feeling.  When I first saw The Flash in his Earth 2 costume, I thought it looked plain weird.  While it still takes a bit of time getting used to, it looks great in “motion” Especially the scenes where Jay is exploring his new-found power.  Plus, Nicola gave me a cover that makes sense with what happens in the book, and by now we all know how much I love those!

Issue 2 of Earth 2 is just as good as issue one!  That’s saying something, especially since they didn’t have an earth shattering cataclysm to hold my attention.  It’s a quieter, more character driven issue, but still packs quiet a punch.

Overall Grade: 9/10