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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Earthlings are visiting planet Rann! Last episode Nightwing sent the team of Superboy, Beast Boy, and Miss Martian to Rann. Now we see them as they attempt to stop the Krolotean invasion at the source. Adam Strange introduces the Zeta team to Alanna and Sardath who communicate through M’gann’s telepathy. After talking about Zeta travel and the Kroloteans, Strange goes with Alana and the team. He creates a diversion so the four can easily continue their mission. They find the Krolotean base and figure planting bombs would be a great way to put an end to the creatures’ schemes but a transmission comes in which blocks their escape. The explosions work in their favor, providing the team with a way out. The situation goes from bad to worse when giant spider mechs capture Beast Boy and M’gann. Alanna and Superboy manage a rescue. Then he and Beast Boy do their version of the Fastball Special to destroy parts of the Krolotean base as it takes off. Miss Martian steps in and probes the mind of a captured Krolotean, learning what happened during the Justice League’s missing 16 hours.

I need a nickname for the Krolotean’s. That’s a weird word to keep typing. I liked the mission here and it’s cool that Dick has more command. Also cool, this mission is happening at the same time as the Gamma squad’s mission. I had a feeling Gar, from last season’s Image episode, would become Beast Boy. His story is pretty tragic. We learn a great deal of what happened between Conner and M’gann. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back to this show and comics in general. Every character is made relatable in some way. I also enjoy having some questions from last episode answered. Plenty do still linger!

Overall Grade: 10/10