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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

In a home in Maine, one David Graves has been told he doesn’t have long to live. Doctors can’t help him and the Justice League can’t help him so he has to help himself. That was four years ago. Today, Steve Trevor dodges the paparazzi on his way to his sister’s house. Also, Cyborg joins Superman and Batman in locating the Key. We then see Wonder Woman joining Green Lantern and the Flash as they play good cop/bad cop to Weapons Master. Both villains reveal that “he” just wanted information on the League, a man calling himself…Graves. Meanwhile, a mystery man has kidnapped Trevor. He threatens the lives of Steve’s family unless he is given access to the League’s satellite…

Johns and Lee are back! They really make Justice League the go-to title for the New 52. Though the main feature is just a setup for this storyline, it’s done well. The theme of insecurities runs through the issue. There’s a lot more emotion and character than action here. It shows beautifully in Lee’s art. I hope this story doesn’t turn into an action fest, there’s good stuff here.

Overall Grade: 9/10