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By: Adam Basciano

The CW is no newcomer with the superhero genre. First there was “Smallville”, then there was “Birds of Prey”, and soon “Arrow” will join the roster of superhero adaptations from the network. Top level executives at The CW have gone on record as being interested in developing more television series based on DC Comics characters.  According to Vulture, the next character may be Wonder Woman.  A year after the horrendous NBC pilot by David E. Kelly was cancelled before it aired, The CW is developing a new script focusing on the characters origins.

Currently titled “Amazon”, the script is said to “focus on Wonder Woman as a young, budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty.” The script is being written by Allan Heinberg.  He’s worked in both television and comics before. On the t.v. side of things, he’s worked on ‘The O.C.” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”  In comic books, he’s written Young Avengers for Marvel and had a stint on Wonder Woman for DC. Seems like he just might be the right fit for this projet, which should be noted, is solely at the script stage at this point in time.

I can hear fanboys and fangirls crying about this project being at The CW and it sounding a lot like “Smallville.”  These two facts don’t bother me one bit.  Despite some horrific filler episodes, and deviations from the comic book timeline and cannon, “Smallville” was an entertaining and respectful take on the Superman legend.  It remains the longest running Superman live action adaptation, and carried the torch for the character while his film franchise was in developement hell and comic books were mediocre. If a Wonder Woman series achieved the accomplishments “Smallville” has, I’d be more than happy.

If “Amazon” goes beyond the script stage, I hope Heinberg looks to Brian Azzarello’s current run in the comics for reference in regards to her origin.  Whether “Amazon” progresses beyond the script stage remains to be seen.  However, with Warner Brothers trying to maximize the DC Entertainment brand, and the Wonder Woman comic books experiencing new-found success, it seems like the time is right for Wonder Woman to fly back to television and on film as well.