By: Matthew Rapier

One of the things that has attracted me to the Green Lantern book is how epic the scope of these stories are able to become. From one corner of the universe to the other, Geoff Johns has instilled such a grand spectacle throughout that it’s hard not to get lost in all the wonderful ideas he seems to never run out of. His strongest point in my opinion is digging deep into the characters he’s writing and bringing out traits specific to them.

In the case of Hal, there’s been an absence for him in the previous issues because he was without his ring. An unlikely partnership was formed with Sinestro who created a ring for Hal to wear, which also took commands from its creator.  The two have traveled together to Sinestro’s home world Korugar to end the terrible rein of the very corps he created. He gifts many of the inhabitants of the planet with their very own power ring, although with limited power.

As they all defeat the Sinestro Corps together, some of the young children begin to give praise to Sinestro for coming back to save them from such an evil rule. He dismisses the praises and has a few words with his former supporter Arsona, who now says that he will never be welcomed again for the way he has treated the natives.

Sinestro orders Hal’s ring to take him back to Earth as he heads off towards Oa to confront the Guardians. Back on Earth Hal realizes that he doesn’t need the ring quite as much as he thought and has a romantic, moving moment with Carol Ferris. The two seem to be back on good terms in trying to start their relationship over on the right path.

The Guardians are aware of Sinestro’s arrival to Oa and reveal that the time has come to release the First Lantern and create the Third Army to destroy the Green Lantern Corps.

This is a wonderful conclusion to the first arc of Green Lantern from the relaunched DCU. I laugh under my breath a bit at that statement because nothing really started over here as this continues on the same path Johns has been plotting out since 2004. With this arc though, Johns has transformed Sinestro from a bastard into a bastard that I’m really starting to like. The more Johns picks apart who Sinestro is and what his intentions have always been, you start to see his viewpoint and side with him. It was a great moment at the end to see Hal have a moment of growing up. Hopefully he and Carol will continue to make it work this time.

Doug Mahnke on art is as solid as ever. There is one particular shot of Sinestro partly shadowed, with the green light shining over him as he leads the people of Korugar to overthrow the yellow corps. He’s created the definitive Sinestro in my eyes.

This was overall a great direction for the introduction of what’s to come with the Third Army and the First Lantern.  Johns gives us an enthralling tale while planting clues throughout the story to keep us guessing along the way.

Overall Grade: