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By: Matthew Rapier

Justice League # 11 Cover

Geoff Johns has crafted many great stories over the years at DC Comics and he is easily one of my favorite writers in comics today. His run on Green Lantern has been phenomenal and he made the JSA my favorite team of heroes when he re-introduced the title a few years back. With that said, I’m currently underwhelmed and disappointed with Justice League up to this point.  By no means is this one of the worst books from the new 52, but it’s also not one of the top titles like I feel it should be.

It wouldn’t be fair to judge the book completely after a couple of issues, but now with #11 bringing it around to almost a full year it just feels like something is off.  The confusing part of it is that Johns “Aquaman” book has been nothing short of amazing with each issue. Even Green Lantern has been really strong in the relaunch after all the years he’s put into it. There are some things that have worked really well for the book.

Justice League #11 - Wonder Woman takes her frustrations out on Green LanternIt was a smart idea to introduce Darkseid as the first main threat for the team. Get new fans hooked into a huge threat and keep them on to the following stories. I really think David Graves is an interesting character as the next villain as well. He has a very different agenda than Darkseid and causes a threat to the Justice League that isn’t particularly solvable by fighting with fists. So these aren’t the problems to me. I feel like some of the main characters are a bit off of what they usually are, particularly Green Lantern. I know it’s years before, but he seems more prickish than he ever has before and it takes me out of the story a bit.

The art has been as solid as you could ask from Jim Lee as a contrast to the disappointing story. Lee isn’t one of my all time favorite artists, but he knows how to make the action look good and from what I can tell his work on Justice League has been some of the best yet. The two page splash of Wonder Woman backhanding Hal is such a great image.

Justice League #11 - The Ghost of Steve Trevor..The story is left with a good cliffhanger in making us believe a pivotal character of the series is dead and it’s very much enough to make me want to see how this all ends.

I don’t mean to be negative about the whole Justice League book, because as I said Johns is one of my favorite writers in comics. I hope he can change my mind with his next story arc and make me keep my mouth shut about him loosing his touch a bit.

Overall Grade: 7/10