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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Aquaman #9 Cover

The Others continues! Black Manta attacks a lonely Prisoner of War. Prisoner (Torrez) summons strength from fallen soldiers and fights back. Torrez grabs his manacles and manages to flee from Manta. Manta pursues because he wants the manacles and he wants to kill Torrez. Ya’Wara and Aquaman have their hands full as well, as they fight off Manta’s thugs in the Amazon. After the fight, Ya’wara tells Aquaman he’s changed, and he fills her in on the locations of the Others. Mera gets angrier when Shin tries to dodge her question about his history with Black Manta. When Shin caves, he tells her how he was saved by Arthur’s father, Thomas. Tom Curry then asked Shin to help Arthur with his emerging powers. Shin’s relationship with the Curry’s was fine for quite some time until it was strained when Shin wanted Arthur to go public. When Tom got angry at the idea of his son’s exploitation, Shin turned to Black Manta. A confrontation occurred, causing Tom to have a heart attack. Aquaman sought revenge after the death of his father and killed Manta’s father.

Aquaman #9 - Prisoner Absorbs Spirits

It’s on! The last page with Aquaman confronting Black Manta was a perfect cliffhanger. We get to know more about the tangled web that ties Shin, Manta, and Aquaman together. While I still want to know more about the Others, I can’t wait for Manta vs. Aquaman. There’s a lot of weight there and a lot of emotion with Prisoner. He’s quite the desperate person. This is a theme throughout the issue. We see it in Shin, Mera, and Manta as well. I can’t praise the art any more than I already have. The effect of Prisoner absorbing spirits was a neat visual. Next issue can’t come soon enough.

Aquaman #9 - Confrontation Between Mortal Enemies

Overall Grade: 10/10