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By:  Adam Basciano

Arrow Title Card

“Quentin Lance’s ongoing attempt to capture the vigilante is put to a halt when a recently released criminal kidnaps his daughter to get to Arrow. Meanwhile, John Diggle insists on spying on Moira Queen to learn her secrets.” (The CW)

This show has an incredible knack for sticking with the title as the theme for its entire episode.  Each of our main cast experiences betrayal in this episode.  Oliver experiences it on two occasions.  One being a fake betrayal at the hands of Yao Fei, and then real betrayal when he realized putting trust in his mother’s innocence was misplaced.  Tommy also feels betrayed by Laurel, because she didn’t tell him she was working with Arrow from time to time.  Seeing as I don’t care for the Tommy/Laurel relationship, I won’t spend more time on it.  My favourite interaction of the episode was between Quentin and Laurel.  Whenever Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy are in scenes together the acting is just elevated to a whole new level.  Fantastic work from the both of them!  The encounter between Moira and Arrow at episodes end is one of the most tension filled ends to the episodes thus far.

Sark and His Bimbo kidnap Laurel

Another element of this show that really impressed me was its ability to pick up an open-ended storyline, specifically the mob presence in Starling City.  With China White M.I.A. and Frank Bertinelli in jail, Cyrus Vanch steps in with intentions of taking out Arrow to establish himself. The character is played with villainous perfection by David Anders.  His involvement leads to all the action in this episode.  It was great seeing Laurel fight back during her kidnapping.  Turns out that Katie Cassidy did all her fighting for those scenes, performing very well.  Now I’m all the more ready for Katie Cassidy to assume Black Canary duties.  Watching Arrow run the gauntlet of Vanch’s security team was an exciting sequence and reminiscent of The Huntress episodes.

This episode featured the introduction of Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson.  I’ll let Kyle handle that as next episode deals with more on that.  This episode is a return to form for the show from the last episode I reviewed!

Mommy....You Have Failed This City!