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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Aquaman #10 Cover

It’s on between Aquaman and Black Manta! The Operative has broken into Black Manta’s base of operations to find how Manta is tracking the Others. He’s attacked by a couple of Manta’s goons, they fight and the Operative flees through the window. His zipline catches on an airplane that he calls the “living room”. The Operative is greeted by his grandson Aaron, who asks him how much longer he’s going to try to save the world. However, all the Operative can think of is finding Aquaman. Shin and Mera continue their confrontation as Mera is reminded that Arthur has kept an entire chapter of his life from her. As Aquaman and Black Manta fight in the streets, flashbacks are shown from the night Tom Curry died. Also shown is the night Aquaman killed Manta’s father. Like in issue 8, all Arthur cares about is vengeance. Ya’wara and the Prisoner show compassion for the innocents. The fight ends long enough for Manta to get a hold of Ya’wara’s golden relic which he uses to teleport to Shin’s location…

Aquaman #10 - The Operative

 The action is going to 11! I enjoyed this issue more after reading it for the second time. I loved seeing some fighting , the flashbacks during the fight made this issue feel like a movie. WB better be taking note, this story would make a great movie or animated feature. Although it’s driving me crazy that we only see a little bit of Aquaman’s former teammates. I want to see more of the Operative. This story is supposed to be about them yet we’re getting so little. For that I take a point away. Otherwise, the story and art keep Aquaman in my top 3 list of favorite comics.

Aquaman #10 - The Beginning of a Rivalry

Overall Grade: 9/10