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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Earth 2 #6 Cover

The end times are here as the new Wonders of Earth 2 face off against Grundy and the Grey! The World Army has nukes on the way to D.C. where the Flash and Hawkgirl try to hold off Grundy. Green Lantern engages the Grey from within but is convinced he’s in paradise with his lover Sam. Alan realizes how meaningless the void is and uses his powers to break free. The Grey tries harder to claim our hero, but only succeeds in telling Alan how to defeat it. He awakens in the physical world and flies Grundy off the planet. Grundy’s link to Earth weakens, allowing the other heroes to free themselves. As GL and Grundy duke it out in Earth’s orbit, GL sees the missiles heading for D.C. He successfully diverts them and banishes Grundy to the moon. With Alan’s strength nearly exhausted, he plummets to the Earth below. The situation looks bad, but thankfully Hawkgirl catches him and gently lowers him to terra firma. Alan uses his recharged link to Earth to restore it to its former beauty. The day is saved and the Earth can live again! Flash and Hawkgirl think this means they are a team, but Alan is brutally honest when he says that they are not.

Earth 2 #6 - Green Lantern saves Earth 2

So what do they do now? Will they form a Justice Society? Alan is a bit of a jerk to the other Wonders. And what’s with the Atom? What are his secondary orders and why is he such a stooge? There are a lot of trust issues in this title which makes for interesting drama. The World Army has certainly made its presence known. The action felt a little rushed, but I did like how Alan took charge. This is a guy who quickly had to get it together. I can see him being the go-to guy when the Wonders unite again. The layouts were really good here, especially at the end. There was a lot of tension which had me gasping at the conclusion. This issue was leaps and bounds better than the zero issue. I’m happy to see this story end so more characters can be introduced!

Overall Grade: 8/10