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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Aquaman #11 - Cover

The “Others” continues at the tomb of the first king of Atlantis. A flashback shows the team assembled there talking about the ancient ruler. Called “the dead king”, he is the one that built Atlantis, forged the golden weapons that our heroes possess, and died trying to save his family as Atlantis fell. Today Aquaman uses his trident to delay Black Manta. It’s too late, he’s vanished. His target: our friend Dr. Shin. The broken team gathers in the Operative’s “living room” to discuss what Manta is searching for. Is there a seventh Atlantean relic? Just then, a visitor attaches itself to Operative’s plane. Vostok is back! His relic is a helmet that allowed him to survive on the Moon, speechless, for two years. The tender moment between Prisoner, Vostok, and Aquaman doesn’t last long. Aquaman’s vendetta is personal; he’s going after Manta alone. Arthur soon peers in on Black Manta, his goons, and Shin at the Tomb of the Dead King. The villain discovers he can use his two stolen relics to locate the missing one. Then it appears. The weapon that sank Atlantis, the Scepter of the Dead King!

Aquaman #11 - The Seventh Relic

Okay, I thought things were getting good before. There’s a seventh relic?! What happens when they’re combined? I know, I know, there’s a Captain Planet joke in there somewhere. All kidding aside, there are a lot of unresolved issues between the Others. Aquaman has people to turn to. I think it’s rather sad that Prisoner and Vostok don’t. They just want this group to act like a team yet that is so far from Aquaman’s mind. There’s a tragedy here that I hope isn’t forgotten after this story is over. Again, the one flaw in this title is that it reads too quickly and not enough happens. What does happen is fantastic and fun and just cool! Also, you can’t tell me that the shot of Aquaman jumping in the water doesn’t make you want to go swimming. Read this issue!

Overall Grade: 9/10