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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The Flash #8 - Cover

The secrets of the Speed Force are about to be revealed! The Flash meets Turbine, who has clearly been stuck in this dimension for a long time. Turbine, Roscoe Hynes, was a World War II Air Force Pilot who got stuck in the Speed Force and has been watching time move forward ever since. Hynes tells Barry about what he’s seen and how he’s not the cause of the anomalies back home. Barry is actually the release of all the energy that builds up in the Speed Force. Hynes continues on about the effect this dimension has had on the history of their dimension. Turbine then says how he’s tried to get home, which makes Flash realize that he’s not the cause of the rifts back home…Turbine is! Flash fights with Turbine again and runs him into one of the portals. Elsewhere, we see Iris West alive and well…trapped in the Speed Force!

The Flash #8 - Trapped in the void of the Speed Force

Manapul once again serves up a visual masterpiece. This is an issue I have to look through again and again just to see the pretty pictures. He makes a limbo dimension look like I would picture it. There’s a lot of talk here. I guess that’s fine because we, the readers, need to know what the Speed Force is all about in the New 52. Turbine feels like a one-dimensional character. The Speed Force drove him mad, Flash is the cause, so he wants to kill him. Blah blah blah, I’ve seen it before. Hopefully he’ll show up again with more characterization. I hope Turbine isn’t going to be another Rogue just for the sake of having more Rogues.

Overall Grade: 7/10