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By Jeremy M. Kossak

Earth 2 #7 Cover

In the aftermath of the battle with the Grey, Earth 2 has come to a full recovery! Hawkgirl takes the time to visit Alan Scott, telling him she knows he’s the Green Lantern. She goes on to tell some of her secrets, prompting Alan to talk about his. High in the sky, the World Army has come to the conclusion that Terry Sloan will remain in his position as head of the World Army Science Directive. This upsets Commander Amir Khan, who feels this level of power is a mistake for Sloan to have. The two of them privately share some harsh yet honest words. Later, Amir has a conversation with a man named Wesley. Turns out Amir has the leader of the Sandmen on a mission to uncover Sloan’s secrets. What they find is Michael Holt, AKA Mr. Terrific! Colonel Dodds’ men take a beating from Mr. Terrific, but Dodds manages to take him down. The conversation between Dodds and Khan ends as they talk about their little “chess game” with Sloan. It’s one that could be treasonous…and deadly!

Earth 2 #7 - Sandmen not having a Terrific night

First and foremost, I have to admit that I did not know that Terry Sloane (yes, with an ‘e’) was DC’s original Mr. Terrific. This knowledge helped me understand and appreciate the situation at the end of this issue. I think if I knew the history of the JSA better I would have enjoyed the Zero issue a lot more. What else can I say? My knowledge of the JSA is rather minimal. Feel free to school me on it. Let’s move on.

Earth 2 #7 - No Fair Play

At first I thought this issue would be more about Hawkgirl and Green Lantern. The scene on the cover happens nowhere in the issue which is completely misleading. I hate when that happens. Instead we get an issue featuring Sloan, Khan, and Dodds doing a lot of talking. This isn’t a bad thing because more Silver Age DC characters were introduced with interesting twists. Also, the setup for future issues looks promising. I guess this is where I should start to care about Sloan, but I don’t. Maybe my mind will change when the action heats up again. I’m more interested in whatever deal Dodds and Khan have and how Red Tornado and Mr. Terrific will factor into it.

Overall Grade: 7/10