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By: Matthew Rapier

GL-NG #5 - Cover

The unlikely team of the various colored Lantern Corps members have had to work together to overcome a common threat. A moving solar system called the Orrery has been posing a threat to the universe and the team has finally reached the planets to explore what lies within. Many of the world’s seem very familiar like Okaara and Tamara, but are actually replications of those planets.

Kyle Rayner and Glomulus inadvertently awaken the Orrery’s archangel, Invictus, who reveals to Saint Walker that Larfleeze attacked the planets and tried to steal the souls of the angels watching over the inhabitants. He plans to return to the original Vega System and destroy it so he can replace it with the Orrery duplicate. After the group battles Invictus to a standstill he gives Kyle Rayner the ultimatum to kill Larfleeze, which will bring about the true harmony of his intentions.

GL-NG #6 - Cover

Green Lantern: New Guardians had a rocky start with some uncertainty from me at first with how this title would play out against the other Lantern books in the new DC universe. Issues 5-7 have really solidified my opinion that the title is worthy of being in the Green Lantern name though. I am a bit shocked that Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and now New Guardians are all in an even spot with making a hard choice to decide the best title.

When Tony Bedard took over Green Lantern Corps before the new 52, I didn’t know how well he would stack up to Peter Tomasi’s awesome run on the book, but he carried over well and definitely earned his spot as the writer. These characters now feel like his. The team of colored Corps members is so diverse that they feed off of their unique energies to make a really great and adventurous sci-fi book. Invictus is somewhat of a used villain with his plight seeming evil, but he views it as noble and that’s okay here. Bedard makes it all feel so fresh and fun that you don’t mind if you’ve seen a similar villain before. I have to say that Glomulus has become one of my all-time favorite characters in the Green Lantern universe as well with the child like attitude the construct brings along on the quests.

GL-NG #7 - Cover

Tyler Kirkham recently had help from Harvey Tolibao on the art duties, so it’s good to see him back as the issues only artist. You’d have a hard time finding a book with this much crazy action and all the colors that pop off the page. All the penciling is solid with Batt inking and Nei Ruffino coloring. I rank this book at the top of my list for art without any hesitation. The content of Bedard’s writing and the trio knocking out the visual area is about a perfect of a match as you can find in comics right now.

With a rough first couple of issues New Guardians has gained its footing and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Overall Grade: 9/10