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By: Adam Basciano

Earth 2 #8 Cover

“The alien war criminal Steppenwolf returns! It’s been five years since he lead the forces of Apokolips against Earth — learn what he’s been up to since then! Plus: What is the dark secret behind the last Amazon of Earth 2?”

It took eight issues to deliver a story in this series I didn’t enjoy. This issue deflated all the excitement that the previous seven installments had built up.  Here we’re treated to an issue filling us in on where the big baddie that laid waste to most of Earth 2 is, and what he’s been up to. Turns out he’s been hiding in the soverign nation of Dherain, with plans to eventually conquer it and later, the world!  The intriguing threat of Steppenwolf throught the series has been the mystery surrounding the character.  As this issue pulls back the veil of secrecy, they’ve reduced him to a cliched supervillain, a cheap Darkseid knock-off.  Then we have Fury…Wonder Woman’s daughter.   Since her mother’s death she has apparently been Steppenwolf’s lap-dog, doing his biding.  It would have been interesting to learn how and why she’s aligned herself with her mother’s killer, but that’s nowhere to be found.  She’s presented as Steppenwolf’s muscle, who does as she’s told and is subserviant to him.

Earth 2 #8 - Tying Up A Tank

This story left me so uninterested that the art is responsible for all off it’s grade. Fortunately, the art is incredible.  Unfortunately, the final grade is knocked down and isn’t flattering to the wonderful artwork.  Guest penciler Yildiray Cinar draws Steppenwolf as a hulking individual who looks imposing, and menacing.  A man worthy of striking fear and dominating a country or the world.  Fury is the spitting image of her mother.  Albiet, one with a permanent scowl on her face.  I’m guessing that’s to sell her as being evil.  There’s a great image of Fury battling a tank using her lasso.  A wonderful homage to her mother’s World War 2 origins!

I really hope this issue is a one off filler story, and that sudsequent issues return to the quality I’ve come to enjoy from the world of Earth 2.

Overall Grade: 4/10