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By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Aquaman #12 Cover

Now, Mera finally meets the Others! Their meeting doesn’t begin well, both parties demand answers about Arthur’s recent behavior. Speaking of him, Arthur can’t help but watch at Black Manta discovers the location of the seventh relic. Dr. Shin is about to clock out (the hard way) when Aquaman leaps into action. Thankfully, Mera and the Others join their friend in the fight against Manta, despite Aquaman’s wishes. Black Manta nearly gives Arthur a killing strike when Vostok throws himself between his friend and Manta’s scepter. As Vostok dies, he says that his greatest hope has been granted…that he didn’t die alone.

There was a lot of tension this issue. Shin and Arthur were almost murdered and Black Manta is closer to fulfilling his goal. None of the heroes are going to sleep well tonight! Now that Manta has shed blood, the battle between him and Arthur is much more personal. The finale should be good! I’m hoping to see Aquaman put more faith in his friends, especially Mera. The story continues to amaze me. Aquaman has been a fun character to get into. I imagine I’ll get more invested in him with the upcoming crossover with Justice League!

Aquaman #12 - Vostok's Sacrifice

Overall Grade: 9/10