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By: Kyle Shultz

Deadshot Is Back

Arrow only has three more episodes after this until it goes on the summer break until the fall season. This episode was pretty eventful & honestly, to me, didn’t really come off as the typical filler episode most shows have. The story for this episode was really good. There was also a lot of action in this episode & the action was very good, very well choreographed fights too. It kept me glued to the screen, which this show usually does anyways, so that’s nothing new. Even though we didn’t get to see much of him, I was thrilled to see the return of Deadshot, who if you didn’t already know is one of my favorite DC villains. I enjoyed that this episode focused more on Diggle wanting to get revenge for his brother’s death & I liked how they wrote it where when Oliver failed to help him out in the end, Diggle felt betrayed because Oliver made this promise into helping him, causing Diggle to leave “Team Arrow” which actually surprised me. I certainly didn’t expect that. I’m curious how big or small his role will be in the next couple episodes.

I really love the direction that they are taking Tommy Merlyn in this last chunk of the first season. He’s certainly grown as a character from the pilot. He’s taking a different path than what he originally intended, mainly because of his discovery that Oliver is the vigilante, “The Hood” as the show calls him. I’m hoping we see him go further down the dark road & maybe discover who his father really is, which would be interesting to see how he takes that. One thing I love that he says to Oliver in this episode was that he knows that if Dinah ever finds out who Oliver really his, he knows she’ll choose Oliver over him, & he can’t live with that. I’m glad that Tommy & Dinah are over with as a couple, simply because that scenario was getting a bit annoying & now that the whole thing is over with, both of them can become their own bigger characters & maybe we’ll see Oliver & Dinah hook up, making Tommy hate Oliver even more. I know I’m not the only fan that wants to see that.

The ending speech between Thea & Roy (I like to call this duo Speedy & Speedy) was very uplifting. It’s interesting how they’re developing Roy in this series; it’s completely different from how I originally thought they were going to put him in the show. I love how Roy says he owes his life to the vigilante, which really if the writers wanted to, they could’ve done that with any character they wanted to, but they actually put Roy in the show had Arrow save him, & now Roy is thinking “Well, that was inspiring. Maybe I can do the same thing!” I chuckled a bit when Thea ended up being all gung-ho about helping Roy find the vigilante, because well The Hood is her brother, & it just brings the question: Who will become Speedy first? Thea Queen, who is a spin-off of Mia Dearden or Roy Harper? Either way, I’m glad how Roy Harper has turned out on the show & Thea is really becoming a great character too. She’s not a rebellious teenager anymore; she’s found some footing & is actually sticking to it. Now she’s on this hunt to find the vigilante with Roy, which I’m sure will be interesting & will likely cause some trouble next season.

The flashback sequences were fun; it was fun seeing Oliver not knowing how to shoot a bow & miss a target. It also seems like Shado could be a new potential love interest for Oliver, I’m really hoping we’ll see Shado in the present day & come across Arrow in Starling City. I’m curious how the next couple flashbacks will be in the next three episodes because of what Yeo Fei said to Oliver, “Your time on this island has come to an end”…something obviously happens that puts a damper on Fei’s plans. We’ll obviously find out soon enough.

Roy & Thea Search For The Hood

Overall I was very pleased with this episode. It was a very excited episode, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m amazed what the show has become since day one. Sadly there’s only three episodes left until the season ends, then we have all summer to wait until new episodes. Why can’t there be another comic book show as awesome as Arrow premiering in the summer? Judging by the title, the next episode is what the show’s been building for & Adam has that one covered.