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By: Matthew Rapier

Green Lantern Corps #8

The Alpha Lanterns have finally learned of the terrible deed John Stewart performed while under captivity of The Keepers. Lantern Kirrt Kallak was about to give vital information away that would have jeopardized the entire Lantern Corps and OA itself, so John had no choice but to snap his neck to avoid the situation.

Much to the shock of Guy Gardner and the rest of the Corps, they are presented with proof of the event and John surrenders himself to be taken away for a trial. Many expect it to be a slap on the wrist so the Alpha Lanterns can show their authority, but the sentence ends up being a death penalty.

Green Lantern Corps #9


Guy rally’s a group of Lanterns, including Killowog, to break John out of his Science-cell and takes him off to the Ring Foundry where many of the Guardians experiments like the Manhunters and Alpha Lanterns took place. The two return with an amalgamation of parts from both of said experiments to take out the Alpha’s. In the end Alpha Lantern Varix ends up helping destroy the Alpha Lantern Corps and then blows his own head off with his power ring.

The seeds have been laid in as the Guardians are happy that the Alpha Lanterns were destroyed without them having to get their hands dirty, as it lays way to the Third Army to rise soon.

Green Lantern Corps #10


The “Alpha War” is such top notch writing from Peter J. Tomasi. These types of stories are what made me become such a huge fan of the Lantern corner of the DCU in the first place. You see how John Stewart is such a strong character in getting through this after his association with the destruction of Xanshi and Mogo as well. Guy proves that his rough demeanor can play in the favor of his closest friends as he will not sit by and let injustice take its course.

One word to describe the art; GREEN! Not meant to be a pun in any way, this story was so full of green that I am still seeing it all around me. It’s very understandable though as this event takes place on Oa with all the Green Lanterns and the Alpha Lanterns as well. Fernando Pasarin handles all the characters and big moments with what seems like such ease.

Green Lantern Corps #11

With stories like this, it’s an easy task to come here and give a glowing review because of how hard the creative team works in giving an amazing story to read. Peter Tomasi has long been one of my favorite writers at DC and this is a perfect example of his talents.

Overall Grade: 9/10

Green Lantern Corps #12