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By: Adam Basciano

Arrow Title Card

“Oliver awakens to find himself Malcolm Merlyn’s prisoner. He manages to escape and away with help from Digg. Malcolm accelerates his timetable as a result. Felicity is questioned by Det. Lance about her hacking activities but is interrupted by Oliver who tells him about Malcolm’s plan to destroy the Glades. Tommy confronts Oliver about Laurel but refuses to believe that his father is up to no good. Malcolm comes clean about his plans and Tommy realizes that his father is insane. Moira goes public with what she knows, urging the residents of the Glades to evacuate. Roy and Thea get caught up in the mayhem. While Oliver and Diggle go after Malcolm, Felicity tries to neutralize the device via Lance. Malcolm has planned it all very well, however. In a flashback to his time on the island, Fyers attempts to bring down an airliner.”

That’s the way you end a strong first season of television, with a spectacular season finale! As an audience we get massive payoff for the stories that have been building since episode one.  While this show has been embracing the realistic “Nolan” approach, this episode felt the most comic booky, and that is not a negative.  Kyle and I have compared this season to Batman Begins several times, and it’s true here! The Markov device, (clever nod to Brion Markov aka Geo Force) called to mind the microwave emitter.  Much like the pilot, this episode felt very cinematic in nature.  Specifically, the episode felt like an entire third act of a movie.  There was tension, betrayal, fear, action, fighting, and destruction at every turn.  It’s one of those episodes where you don’t even want to go to the bathroom during commercials for fear of missing even the slightest moment.  The ending of the episode leaves you feeling satisfied but with a whole new set of questions, ensuring you’ll be coming back for more.


The acting was on par with everything else with this episode.  It was nice to see Moira’s humanity bust loose as Susanna Thompson played the woman with the guilty conscience & remorse perfectly.  Loved the scenes with Paul Blackthorne and Emily Bett Rickards trying to defuse the Markov devices.  The two actors manage to convey the dire moments of the scene, but their interactions provide small moments of humor in the appropriate doses.  It’s nice to watch Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy as a loving couple, even though that’ll be short lived (it is a CW show after all). John Barrowman takes scenes that in another actors hands may feel clichéd and over the top, but he gives them such validity and earnestness. The only scene that really didn’t connect to me was Tommy’s death scene with Oliver.  It really has nothing to do with the two actors, but more to do with my apathy towards the character of Tommy Merlyn.  Willa Holland, Colton Haynes, and David Ramsey all gave solid performances.

This wraps up our reviews of season one of “Arrow.” Kyle and I will continue to review Season 2.  Same Bat Time…Same Bat ch… oh wait, wrong character and show! We look forward to sharing our thoughts on the continuing adventures of Oliver Queen.