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By: Adam Basciano

DC Entertainment logo

The fine folks over at Bleeding Cool have heard from their sources in the know with DC Entertainment and have updates on various happenings in the DC Universe on film and television.  Here’s the latest:

Suicide Squad

Regarding film the website asserts that Warner Brothers will produce lower budget superhero films. ” Well, it looks like this will be DC Entertainment’s big news for 2014. A series of lower-prominence comic books being turned into relatively lower budget movies. Suicide Squad is one specifically mentioned as only needing a $40 million budget, pre-marketing. Some could be made for as little as $20 million” I personally like this idea.  It has a low risk, high reward aspect to it, and is an excellent way of expanding the DC Universe on the big screen. However, they need to be careful not to oversaturate the movie going audiences.  However, Marvel’s been doing that for God knows how long, and the genre doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

Batman #404

Moving to the small screen, let’s start with Gotham. ““The pilot script for GOTHAM has Detective Jim Gordon trying to solve a very famous double homicide. Yes, of course, it’s the Wayne’s.”  This makes so much sense. I had even told website co-founder Dave, this is what they should do to open the series. Remember, in “Batman Begins” we saw Gordon comforting young Bruce at the police station, but it seemed as though he wasn’t actively involved in the case. This would definitely be an interesting route to go.


Back on the CW, in addition to the already existing “Arrow” and the upcoming pilot for “The Flash”, a drama series based on the Hourman character is being created. However, the project is said to be going down a different path then the comic book. ” The drug Miraco from the comic book series, in the TV show will have a different effect on each person who takes it, summoning different powers and abilities based on their personality, enhancing existing talents or abilities tenfold, but with terrible side effects. And a different person will get the powers each week…”  I’m not all that familiar with the character but the concept sounds interesting. I’d be willing to give it a try.

Young Justice Banner

Were you disappointed that Cartoon Network cancelled “Young Justice?” Are you a fan of Teen Titans comic books? If so, then if looks like The CW is planning something you’ll like. “The CW is developing another live action teen drama/romance series with a superhero twist, based on the Young Justice cartoon, games and comics, being prepped for 2015. And yes, with Superboy and Miss Martian as the leads of The Team.” Before some of you scoff at a particular quote, remember that teen drama and the romance was one of the best written parts of the Young Justice cartoon.