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By: Adam Basciano

Arrow Title Card 2

“Amanda Waller sends A.R.G.U.S. agents to kidnap Diggle. Waller informs Diggle that Lyla has gone missing after following a lead on Deadshot in Moscow. When Diggle tells the team he’s headed to Russia to rescue Lyla, Oliver and Felicity decide to join, but things get messy when Isabel shows up on the tarmac and insists on joining Oliver’s “work trip”. Meanwhile, Moira’s lawyer, Jean, tells Thea that dating Roy, a known criminal, is hurting her mother’s case.”

Oliver & Isabel Drunken tryst

While this episode won’t go down on my list as one of the bet of the series, I’m still going to sound like a broken record because it was pretty damn good!  I like the fact that this episode is set predominantly in Russia.  It continues to expand the scope of the series. It also allows the show to bring back Deadshot, thereby revisiting the friction that exists between Oliver and Diggle.  The friction is resolved as Oliver finally puts his own agenda aside, to help Diggle deal with Deadshot & save Lyla.  It was good to see those two on the same page again.  It’s more fun watching when those two characters are in sync with one another.  This episode continued to bring to light, Felicity’s romantic feelings towards Oliver. In typical CW fashion, this comes to light after she catches wind of Oliver & Isabel’s drunken sexual tryst.  While I find Isabel’s character and the portrayal by Summer Glau very bland and wooden, if my co-worker or boss looked like Summer Glau, I’d have a drunken one night stand with her too! I was very moved by the emotional exchange between Oliver & Felicity. While I think the two actors have tremendous chemistry on screen, from a character standpoint, I’d much rather see Oliver and Sara together.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Speaking of Sara, those island flashbacks continue to throw me for a loop. One minute she’s rescuing Oliver, the next she’s betraying him.  The character is written so well and acted so well by Caity Lotz.  She really is the anti-Laurel at this point.  There wasn’t much of “The Arrow” in this episode at all, but it’s got plenty of action.  The prison break scene is hands down, one of the best prison break scenes I’ve seen on TV.  All that crazy action did provide a great character defining moment for Diggle.  When given the opportunity to kill Deadshot, he doesn’t because “he won’t kill a man in cold blood!” Really appreciated this scene. It maintains the honour and integrity that the character has had since day one.  The scene was emotionally charged and extremely well acted by David Ramsey and Michael Rowe.  Aside from Isabel Rochev, the only thing I didn’t like about the episode was the fake breakup between Roy and Thea.  It was so contrived and unnecessary to the overall episode.