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By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Title Card 2

Arrow is one of those shows that deliver’s just about every episode, without missing a steady beat. On so far a rare occasion, there are several small parts that make me think, “Ehh could’ve been done better, but really cool!” Everything is well executed, the fight scenes, the choreography, the acting, the sets, the writing, the directing. There isn’t really anything about this show that makes me think; “That was just completely horrible!” At least, not yet and I hope it stays that way, if not oh well. You win some & lose some. This episode certainly had everything going for it & then it slightly disappointed me. This was a very personal episode for the Queen family & I loved that.

On the Vigilante side of things, we got the return of Count Vertigo, taking everything to a whole new personal level because of what happened in Season One. I loved the fact that they had him return, & he’s a great character. He found out who Arrow was & held Felicity hostage, making it even more personal for Oliver. One of the biggest things that happened was Oliver killing Vertigo. I was both amazed & disappointed about Vertigo dying. I’m kind of hoping he comes back somehow, but I don’t see it happening. Sort of like Constantine Drakon in the pilot, badass character, can hold his own, but killed off in the pilot. I did love the fact that Vertigo told Oliver that the man who hired him doesn’t like Arrow & helped Vertigo enough to draw him out. Obviously that character ended up being Brother Blood, which later transitioned into a lovely scene with Blood telling a man named Cyrus that he’s ready. DC Comic fans should know right away who that is. The Arrow writers put another Batman villain into the show, this time in the form a Solomon Grundy, or at least his human version Cyrus Gold. God, this show just keeps exciting & surprising me.

Count Vertigo Holds Felicity Hostage

The biggest reveal though is finding out that Malcolm Merlyn is alive & well, & that Thea Queen is the offspring of Moira Queen & Malcolm Merlyn from an affair years ago. I knew Malcolm Merlyn was coming back, that’s because I met John Barrowman at FandomFest earlier this year. He himself told me he’ll be back for Season Two & that he wasn’t dead, which I seriously geeked out when he told me that, he didn’t tell me anymore though. I was surprised that they brought him back so soon though. I expected him to come back later, but either way the Dark Archer is back & I’m hoping he’ll give Arrow another fight sometime.

The flashbacks keep getting better & better. Oliver is back on the island with his crew, with the addition of Sara. I love the fact that half of Slade’s face has that mud on him while the other half is perfectly fine, a little nod to his Deathstroke mask obviously. We are finally getting somewhere with him getting his eventual powers, at least hopefully. While this episode did slightly disappoint me, this was a fantastic episode & is a great addition to the ever-growing list of fantastic episodes in “Arrow.”

Next episode is the start of an arc we’ve all been waiting for, the introduction of Barry Allen into the Arrow universe, & personally I thought it was an amazing episode, definitely one of the best of the series! Adam gets that episode under his belt, & we’ll see what he has to say!