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By: Adam Basciano

Zed   Angélica Celaya

From all the promotional material we’ve seen for NBC’s adaptation of DC Comics/Vertigo’s “Constantine”, it appears that the series is pretty faithful to the source material.  Except for the lead female character on the show Liv, played by Lucy Griffiths.  This character was created specifically for the show, however will be written out following the pilot episode, in favour of a character from the source material. According to Variety, Latina actress Angélica Celaya has been cast in “Constantine” as comic book character Zed. “In the comics, Mary “Zed” Martin is an artist who becomes John Constantine’s lover and joins his fight against the forces of darkness.”  Any time you can highlight characters from the comic books, instead of creating new ones for no reason, it’s a good thing.  Speaking of characters from the books, it seems NBC wants to join its DC Entertainment brethren on the CW by adding additional DC Comics superheroes to the series.  As per IGN; “Within the context of episode five, we had a need for a police officer who sees that supernatural evils exist. Right there, okay, that’s an opportunity to introduce a DC character. So we talked to our DC representatives and we’re like what if we make this character Jim Corrigan, who goes on the become The Spectre. For those who don’t know, Jim Corrigan is a police officer who kind of takes the law into his own hands… he ends up dying and is reincarnated as The Spectre.” Sounds like a brilliant idea, and a perfect fit to me! Here’s hoping the higher-ups at DC Entertainment sign off on the idea.

The Spectre

(Source: Variety, IGN)