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By: Adam Basciano


A few months ago, Warner Brothers booked several dates through the year 2020 for DC Comics based films.  Those dates now have titles ascribed to them.

Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice

Of course March 25, 2016 will see the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Joining them on August 5, 2016 is Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer (Fury).

Suicide Squad New 52

The year 2017 will see the release of three DC Comics films.  The LEGO Batman movie spinoff starring the voice of Will Arnett, will release on May 26, 2017.  This will be followed by the release of the long overdue debut of a live action Wonder Woman film, starring Gal Gadot on June 23, 2017.  This will culminate with the release of the Zack Snyder directed Justice League film on November 10, 2017! Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Henry Cavill will all return in their respective roles of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman Official

Two superheroes will take center stage in 2018.  The Flash will speed into theaters on March 23 2018, starring Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being A Wallflower), as the Scarlet Speedster.  No word on which version of The Flash he will be playing, but the film will have no connection to the current CW television series. Aquaman will reign over the Throne of Atlantis for all to see on July 27, 2018, with Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones), wielding the trident.  So much for that filming a soap commercial in Detroit cover story.

Aquaman Concept Art

2019 will see SHAZAM hit theaters on April 5, 2019, while “Justice League 2” will follow on June 14, 2019. Cyborg starring Ray Fisher, will debut on April 3, 2020.  Following that, Green Lantern will get a reboot film on June 19, 2020.  Also, solo movies for Ben Affleck’s Batman, and a sequel for Henry Cavill’s Superman are planned, but not yet dated.

Ezra Miller

This news has blown my mind! While I enjoy Marvel, DC Comics is where my heart is, and right now, my DC Comics loving heart is filled with happiness! I can’t wait for all this to unfold.

Secret Origins Cyborg  Secret Origins Green Lantern

(Source: Warner Brothers)