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By: Kyle Shultz


I don’t know how many shows I’ve watched through the years where the main character has an opening monologue, and most of the time they come off pretty silly albeit in a hammy way. The beginning of this episode started off with what seemed like it was going to be a monologue, but it quickly changed to Barry just jumping right into the action; which really shows us how Barry’s personality is. This show, along with Barry’s personality with his newfound powers, just jumps right into the action. Right off the bat, we see The Flash, or The Red Streak as they’re currently calling him in the show, is running around Central City fighting crime & helping people. I’m so thrilled that they are already establishing Barry’s role as the “City’s Hero” so early on. Seeing him run around trying to save as many people as he can & help Central City the best he can is like reading a Flash Comic; that’s who Barry is & why I’ve always loved him. He was always the “peoples hero” to me.

With a show about a speedster running through Central City & saving people from a burning building and dodging bullets, you must have really good CGI; and this show has just that. We’re only two episodes in, & I’m extremely impressed with the special effects on “The Flash.” The special effects blend really well & look convincing to pass as almost movie quality, which is more than I can say for a lot of movies that are out now! One thing I love about the comics is that when The Flash runs, we see lightning crackle around him, & they’ve incorporated that in the show, which every time I see him take off, I get beyond excited. They’ve already established in this episode that he can run faster than the speed of sound (340.29 miles per second), which is exciting to hear just that, it shows us that the show runners care about this character as much as we do. One other thing I was glad to see in the show was that the more he runs, the more calories he burns, the weaker he gets & the more weaker he gets, well he faints. It was cool seeing the crew at S.T.A.R. Labs interacting, showing concern, and trying to figure out what is wrong & ultimately seeing them go “Well, you just have to eat more!” I’m very pleased that was a little plot device in this episode.

Barry Runs on Cosmic Treadmill

Speaking of S.T.A.R. Labs, the dynamic between Barry and his entire supporting cast stood out like a sore thumb this week. It’s fun seeing Barry and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs come together as this functioning unit. I love how Cisco has this goofy, wacky attitude about everything, even his inventions, whereas Caitlin is the more serious one of the group and finds Cisco’s attitude a bit childish. Then there is Wells, and really we don’t know too much about Wells, we all know he is from the future, he is just a big mystery and I have a love/hate relationship with mysteries. One of the other pluses in this episode was seeing Barry’s heroic identity taking a toll on his actual work/social life. He’s more worried about the city with his new-found powers, so he doesn’t take being a CSI too seriously anymore, & since he made a promise to his adopted dad; he cannot tell Iris about it, even though that is the love of his life & we can see that it really hurts him to keep secrets from her. It was fun seeing him just explode with emotion and zip around Iris like he did & admit everything to her, although she didn’t hear it cause time was basically frozen. My favorite scenes throughout this episodes were the scenes between Barry & Joe. Seeing these two have this Father/Son relationship that is new to the Flash mythos, these scenes between Jesse Martin & Grant Gustin tread on an equal level of love and frustration, I have a feeling that throughout this series, these two will have some of the best scenes.

 Speaking of Cisco’s whacky inventions, seeing the Cosmic Treadmill, or at least a version of it, is by far amazing. Hopefully with the introduction of the Cosmic Treadmill, the idea of Speed Force isn’t far behind. Though something tells me that won’t happen seeing how they’re trying to keep this show on a “grounded take” for The Flash, but if you tell us that Harrison Wells is from the future, knows who The Flash is, & has a newspaper clipping from 2024, and tell me that “there’s no such thing as time travel in this show” I’m calling bullshit and blaming laziness on writers. Also, Reverse Flash is in this show as well, and we’ll see him probably around Episode nine or ten, judging from recent set photos, hopefully when he comes in, the villains will be better developed.

Like I stated above, the villains so far have been underdeveloped. I know we’re only two episodes in, but both villains have had paper-thin personalities, though I did like Weather Wizard, still upset they killed him off. I’m not too hurt for them killing Multiplex off, that guy was overacting in his scenes & it was just bad. I’m sure we’ll get some better villains throughout the series; I really hope Captain Cold is better developed in his episode, & I’ll be extremely pissed if they kill him off, that’s my favorite Flash villain, aside from Reverse Flash!


The Flash continues to get better with each episode; each member of the supporting cast seems to get their fair share of screen time, and each episode is seemingly filled with drama, fun Superhero action & we get to see Barry bond with his family; both the West Family and his family and S.T.A.R. Labs. Here’s to next week, readers!

Overall Grade: 9/10