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By: Kyle Shultz


“Going Rogue” was a pretty big episode as we saw several very big “firsts” for not only The Flash, but for the crew. We had our first non meta-human villain, our Hero had his first real loss, suffered a betrayal of sorts from a member of his team & we had a very big CGI action piece that felt like it was out of a movie, by the scale of it alone.

When Leonard Snart/Captain Cold was first announced to be in this series, I flipped with excitement; although I questioned how would they handle him, because I knew that in the New 52 story, he doesn’t have a gun; he uses his hands to project his freezing ability, & this shows villains seemed to be meta-human based. Captain Cold is the first villain in the show to be a regular evil guy; he is not a meta-human, which makes things interesting. Other than Reverse Flash, I consider Captain Cold not only one of the best enemies of The Flash, but an archenemy. Cold, as explained in this episode, is the exact polar opposite of our Scarlett Speedster. Allen runs fast, his molecules heat up & he burns quickly. Snart freezes The Flash & that’s it, he’s stopped as his molecular structure (or whatever part Cold is aiming at) is frozen in an instant. Whether he has a gun or uses his hands, Cold is a badass villain & was used perfectly in this episode.

Leonard Snart

This episode also pushed the friendship between Barry & Cisco, not in a good way. Revealing that Cisco built the gun that Snart is using certainly amped things up, along with the reason as to why Cisco built the gun in the first place, which I completely agree with him doing. When you’ve had as many mishaps as the STAR Labs team had, you must have a back up plan, and that is what Cisco’s freeze gun was; a back up plan to stop Barry, if he were to use his powers against humanity. Though, really he should’ve told Barry about the gun in the long run, but that just adds more salt to the wound & it works. With Snart using Cisco’s gun, Barry also saw a civilian die in front of him. In that scene you could see the hurt that Barry was feeling. Grant Gustin was delivering the goods in that scene.  Gustin is growing as an actor in this series & it’s wonderful to see this unfold on-screen.

One of the biggest things to happen on this show was in the final fight sequence between The Flash & Captain Cold. I did not expect to see that heavy of a CGI sequence in this episode. With having The Flash & super powers in this universe, you need to have some CGI & it has to sell. The CGI didn’t look 100% the best it could, but it did look better than most of the crap that gets released as CGI in Hollywood films & this is coming from a guy who doesn’t really care for CGI. The little bits in between the train crash sequence where we would actually see The Flash move in his speed & everything else would be slowed down around him were the best parts, to me. Seeing that electricity roll around him was beautiful. I really cannot wait to see what else this show does with CGI sequences. The final fight also introduced to us The Flash’s first loss in a fight. Cold was able to walk away. That hasn’t happened until now. The first two villains died & their third one is locked away in STAR Labs. I cannot wait to see Captain Cold come back, and when he does he won’t be alone. Slowly this show is bringing us the beginning of The Rogue’s Gallery & we’ll see two of them in the return of Captain Cold & his former partner Heat Wave. Which brings back Wentworth Miller to act with Dominic Purcell. Those two had a great chemistry on “Prison Break”, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll bring to this show.

Felicity & Flash

This episode also brought Felicity into the mix that gave us some fun little scenes with her, Barry, Iris, & Eddie. Watching just Felicity & Barry alone interact is fun & interesting & they even revealed that they know they both have a mutual attraction, but don’t want to do anything until they’re both over Oliver & Iris, respectively.

This episode was huge, a lot happened. It is by far my favorite episode, and we still have 19 episodes to go, which I’m sure my opinion on “Best episode” will change many times before we get to the season finale. This episode pushed the friendship between Barry and Cisco, gave us The Flash’s real weakness & a memorable villain that will be back with a vengeance. I can only hope that when the other Rogues are brought in full force, they’ll be as strong as Captain Cold’s debut.

Captain Cold 2

Overall Grade: 10/10