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By: Kyle Shultz


I’ve said it before, and I will probably keep saying it again & again until the show ends; Every week this show comes along and impresses me with what it does on the CGI front. This week we finally saw The Flash break the speed of sound, he finally went faster than his normal speed of 300 mph, at least I think that is what it was at last time it was talked about on the show. The show is breaking all sorts of barriers of what makes a comic book show; it is amazing. I cannot wait to see what happens next as far as special effects go, the only thing they can do is introduce time travel & have The Flash run faster than light. When we get to that part, you know we will, don’t expect a review from me too quickly, cause I’ll probably need a few days to come down off the excitement it’ll give me.

 The villain in this episode is what gave us the reason behind Barry breaking the speed of sound. Tony Woodward, aka Girder, is a part of The Flash’s Rouges Gallery, albeit not a very popular or well-known adversary to the general public of The Flash. Which is cool in its own right, because they’re bringing in these bottom tier characters onto this show. It makes me grin like The Joker. Girder in this show was portrayed as a bully to Barry Allen back in their elementary school days. Really, he came off to me as a generic villain for The Flash, though that’s not really saying much because there’s no real complexity to Girder, he’s really all muscle & that was explored well in this episode. He’s not exactly a villain I’d expect to see back, though when he does, he’ll be back with a huge vendetta as he now knows Barry Allen is The Flash.

 The Flash - GirderGirder is able to transform his body to steel, and Barry couldn’t fight him the normal way. The way that was broken down was beyond beautiful, what was even more beautiful was showing that Team Flash’s concerns as running this fast and not executing the punch right will break every bone in Barry’s body. That was something I didn’t expect to see. I mean, I didn’t expect to see him run that fast, let alone them talk about how it could potentially hurt him as well as help him. It was nice seeing that element of his abilities effect both him & his team.

Iris had an interesting development with this episode. Initially I thought this episode would be more focused on her as she said the opening monologue instead of Barry this time around. So when she wasn’t really central focus, I the slightest bit of being let down. Though, she had a nice amount of screen time with The Flash & Barry, which made up for it. I love that she is embracing this journalistic/blogger hobby she has going on. I’m just glad that after this episode, we’ll never hear the name “The Streak” ever again. That nickname was horrible, so I’m glad we’re finally at “The Flash.” With her relationship with The Flash growing, the same will go with Barry. I really enjoy seeing Barry juggle being a friend to Iris, & having a whole other type of relationship as The Flash with her. It really reminds me of the Clark/Blur/Lois relationship from Smallville’s 8th/9th seasons, just without the telephone booth.

 The Flash - supersonic punchSomething I thought I would never say is, I actually like Eddie Thawne. I like that character. He’s a good character & I seriously thought he was just going to be this typical “bad guy that acts like a good guy” role, but Rick Cosnett in this role is great. When or if he eventually becomes Reverse Flash, I’ll hate it, but that’ll make his character even more awesome. Simply because he’s building this friendship with Barry, only to see that be torn down in the end as he’ll hopefully be revealed as the big bad will be awesome to see. Grant & Rick’s scenes are great together as Barry/Eddie; I’m hoping their scenes, as Flash/Reverse Flash will be just as great, that is if Eddie is the Man in the Yellow Suit.

Something that was nice to see was Joe sort of investigating Harrison Wells’ past life. Wells’ motivations are mysterious, so that his character is completely unpredictable. We can’t help but not really trust Wells as a good guy in this show, and the scenes he’s in sell that. Even though we see him helping The Flash, which can be turned around on him in this sort of “Mentor/trainee” capacity. With Wells helping Barry become this Scarlet Speedster, I keep thinking he’s a form of Zoom. In the comics, Zoom’s whole bit was tormenting The Flash into a bigger and better hero, which is what Wells is doing in this show.

 Eddie & Barry Hit the BagThe ending scene with Joe looking over case files, & that sudden Yellow lighting visiting him not only raised tension but also the idea of who’s Reverse Flash is getting confusing. Is it Wells or is it Thawne? Both could be fitting of the role, but my money is on Thawne. As for Wells…I think maybe he’s Barry Allen from the future, the one that disappeared in 2024? Grant & Tom both have a similar build, & kind of look the same. Only time will tell who’s who & whose intentions are for the good & the bad in this show.

This episode was pretty solid overall for entertainment, mystery & comic book fun. Barry’s continued growth as a hero is amazing to see unfold & seeing the love each member of supporting cast gets is awesome. Only downside was a generic villain, but letting him know Barry is The Flash will certainly make his return enjoyable.

Overall Grade: 8/10