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By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Season 3 title card

Along with The Flash, Arrow is back on our small screen as well and it was a very welcome return. One thing I loved the most about Season Two was the momentum; the show never really skipped a beat. There was never a moment where it felt as if they were just dragging along, & that’s more than I can say for most shows. Season Three’s premiere certainly had more build up & less action than I thought it would, but it certainly was a really good episode to start off its Junior Season. It’s nice seeing our heroes taking it a bit easy since Slade’s chaos last season, granted it ended rather quickly. This episode alone opened up new doorways and introduced two new villains, and a hopeful friendly face while teasing the future of Laurel’s destiny in becoming the Black Canary we all know from the comics.

From the start, I’d like to address that Oliver is at a much different place in his life. It’s nice to actually see him smile while in his Arrow persona. Also, with him asking Felicity if she likes Italian or not while on a mission, & then quickly replying back that he’s multitasking after Felicity basically told him to focus on the task at hand screams “Comic Book Green Arrow” to me. I have a feeling that throughout this season we will see a much more light-hearted Oliver/Arrow than we have seen in previous seasons. It also seems that Oliver & Felicity have become more comfortable with each other as well, that scene in the Arrow cave with them was very hands on & flirting at its finest, though I don’t really ship Oliver/Felicity too much, the chemistry between these two is fantastic. Also, if you re-watch that scene over & look at Diggle & Roy reacting to them, their expressions are priceless.

Oliver Smiles at Felicity

Speaking of, how about Roy’s suit & him in action?! Having him out in the field & in suit is just pure badass; his suit is badass too, I actually like his more than Oliver’s! One thing I love as well is that he’s not his “sidekick”, Oliver clearly stated that he is his partner; which makes me both interested and worried. I have a feeling that since Roy is full developed into this team now, that Oliver might rely on Roy more than Diggle. We actually saw something like that in this episode & Diggle exploded. Granted, he has a family now. Personally I think his character shouldn’t be out in the field much. As Dinah stated in Mike Grell’s “The Longbow Hunter” run, and I’m paraphrasing, “This isn’t a job to make orphans” which is true & given what Diggle is going through this season, I can actually see them pushing Diggle on the line of life or death. I really don’t see Diggle doing much this season, at most I see him being the second character dying this season.

Speaking of death, and stop reading if you HAVEN’T watched this episode, killing off Sara Lance is something I really did expect to happen, but not this early. That was completely out of left field. While I am sad that I don’t have Caity Lotz as The Canary anymore, (she’ll still be in flashbacks, it’s okay) I can agree with them for killing her off. I’m interested to see who is the one who killed her, my bet is it being Komodo, a villain of Green Arrow’s from the New 52 series. I cannot wait to see why he killed her & see that arc unfold. In order for Laurel to become Black Canary; Sara has to be killed off so she can fill in those fishnet. I just hope Laurel’s suit looks different & better than Sara’s. Seeing Wildcat teased throughout the boxing match scene in this episode was awesome, never in my life would I have thought that Wildcat would be portrayed in live action. Yeah, he was in Smallville, but I don’t count that, as it was just “stock footage” of him being arrested. I cannot wait to see J.R. Ramirez as Wildcat this season and how he’ll fit into Laurel becoming Black Canary.

Arrow & Arsenal

The one thing I had a problem with this season was the execution of the new Vertigo drug by Werner Zytle, the new Count Vertigo for the show, & in the comics he’s the one & only Count Vertigo. I love that they’re brining him into this show. I absolutely love the character of Count Vertigo, and he’s a favorite villain of mine. I just think that having him rework the Vertigo drug to where it reveals your greatest fear is a bit too much like Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow. Why have a drug called Vertigo, but instead of it causing massive vertigo to the human mind, it makes you see your greatest fear? That’s not a vertigo drug, that’s a fear drug. Maybe there will be more to this when he comes back, and he will. Villains always break out of jail in these types of shows.

Overall, this was a very awesome & surprising return for Arrow. I’m thrilled Roy is finally suited up, Arrow’s in a good mood all things considered, Laurel’s arc is heavily involved in this season, and Sara’s death is a turning point that will heavily affect everyone in the episodes to come. Here’s to a good premiere and a hopeful promising Season Three!

Overall Grade 8/10