By: Matthew Rapier

With Kyle Rayner becoming the Ultra-Lantern last issue, he is ready to wield those rings against the thick-headed Guardians. Kyle unleashes the force of all those rings combined and speaks to soon when he thinks he can control the power better than any of the little blue immortals. The rings begin to shift their effect, causing Kyle to writhe in pain solidifying Ganthet’s assumptions that he wouldn’t last long with such force in his body. 
Saint Walker keeps watch above Oa waiting for a response to interfere, but a portal is opened in his presence revealing Bleez, Arkillo, Fatality, and Munk. A battle ensues with the various colored Lantern members before Bleeze takes off in hunt of Kyle Rayner. Without warning the rings disengage from Kyle’s fingers. Ganthet orders that Kyle is no longer a Green Lantern, but is unable to remove the ring and a ball of fire appears, holding an orange ring.
Glomulus shows up to encourage Kyle and motivate him to face the Guardians. The band of colored Lanterns interrupt the scene in search of the rings they have been chasing. The Guardians easily handle them all before being attacked by a new demonic looking orange construct. Larfleeze has returned with his construct created army. 
Finally, Larfleeze makes his presence known in the DC relaunch. I had fears that DC might not bring some of these characters back and with Larfleeze being one of my favorites this title stays on my pull list. It’s good to see Tony Bedard keeping Salaak  as dickish as ever because that’s what makes him stand out in the Lantern universe. The next few issues should be really interesting as they reveal where these stolen rings came from. This is another comic from DC that has shared art duties where they pull it off seamlessly. Tyler Kirkham and Harvey Tolibao complement each other quite well. The changes are noticeable on a closer look, but it never distracts from the story.
New Guardians is a really fun read. There is such a variation of characters interacting with each other that anything can go from good to bad from one scene to the next. I’m glad DC chose to use the various Corps’ in their on ongoing title. Now if we can just do something about Red Lanterns…
Overall Grade:8/10